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Stemless Zong Style Natural Diffuser Tube

Stemless Zong Style Natural Diffuser Tube

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  • Product Description

    This unusual glass waterpipe from Californian glass specialists, C2, stands 12 inches in height with a glass wall thickness of 6mm. Features a stemless design, 14.5mm female ground joint, matching bowl slide and contoured bent-neck mouthpiece. Aerates and bubbles like a perc bong by using the natural angles of the glass to create diffusion.


    • American Borosilicate Glass
    • Amazing Zong Design
    • Natural Diffusion
    • 14.5mm Ground Joint

    Made In The USA

    With over 20 years experience making glass waterpipes, C2 Custom Creations of California have created an eye-catching Zong-style tube. High quality features include 6mm thick borosilicate glass construction, thick glass base and elegant bent neck mouthpiece.

    Natural Diffusion

    This piece has no diffuser, no percolator and no carbon filter. Instead, the zig-zag shape of this tube generates natural diffusion from the turbulence caused by the bubbling action. The smoke cools in the upper expansion chamber before delivering a smooth, milky hit to the mouthpiece.

    Convertible For Oil

    The Zong Style Natural Diffuser Tube has a 14.5mm female ground joint with a matching glass bowl slide for straight away use with dry herbs. For those who prefer oils and concentrates; why not simply switch the bowl for a male-to-male adapter and domeless nail for a quick conversion to a dab rig? See our Dabbing section for nails, adapters, domes and more.

  • Technical Specifications
    brand C2 Custom Creations
    glass thichness 6mm
    height 301mm
    joint Female
    joint size 14.5mm
    material Glass
    mouthpiece Bent
    width 101mm