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Stinger Dabber
Stinger Dabber
Stinger Dabber

Stinger Dabber

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  • Product Description

    Stinger Dabber - HIVE Ceramics

    Hive Ceramics manufacture top quality ceramic concentrate elements, suitable for use with electronic vaporizers and dedicated oil rigs with torches. 

    The ceramic material used to manufacture these pieces is medical and food grade, so you know that your dabs are going to taste clean and pure.

    Hive Ceramics elements are chemically inert, non-corrosive, non-porous, and all natural.  There really is no healthier or cleaner way to enjoy your favourite oils and concentrates that with a Hive Ceramic setup. 

    The Hive Ceramics Stinger Dabber is a purpose made ceramic dabbing tool, ideal for handling sticky concentrates easily and efficiently.  The Stinger features a weighted handle which helps to keep the tip away from delicate surfaces.

  • Technical Specifications
    brand Hive Ceramics
    concentrate utensils Dabbing Tools
    dabber style Regular
    material Ceramic
    nail style Carb Cap / Stinger
    tip style Blade