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CVault Storage Containers
CVault Storage Containers

CVault Storage Containers
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C Vault
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  • Product Description
    CVault Humidity Controlled Storage Container

    The FreshStor Storage Tin is the ultimate storage solution to keep your tobacco/contents fresh and preserved. The tin is made from lightweight but durable stainless steel. The top opens up from a thick silicon ring that gives this a completely airtight seal. On the underside of the top, there is a specially designed Humidipak holder that allows your contents to stay extra fresh.

    This is a truly innovative product, FreshStor have got a patented two-way humidity control technology with this special storage tin. The triple latch design locks the top onto the bottom providing an extra lock on the airtight seal.

    The Humidipak is made from all natural elements (salt and water), no chemicals. This is the don of containers. The CVault uses scientific methods for optimal preservation and storage.

    Available in 7 sizes see drop down menu.


    90-Day Warranty
  • Technical Specifications
    brand C Vault
    diameter 76mm, 81mm, 96mm
    grinder parts 2-Part
    height 31mm, 41mm, 51mm
    material Stainless Steel