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Who Should Buy The Suorin Drop?

The Suorin Drop is an ultra-compact and easy-to-carry vaporizer that is a must for casual users who want something reliable and discreet they can easily carry in any pocket or bag. 

On top of this, the fact that it works with most types of e-liquid means that users have a broad selection of different vape experiences to choose from, making it ideal for anyone who likes a bit of variety. 

Finally, the ultra-simple operation of the Suorin Drop makes it ideal for beginners, casual users, and those who aren't great with complicated tech. 

Why You’ll Love The Suorin Drop?

A new type of vaporizer is sweeping the vape scene. The growing popularity of non-combustion baked herb consumption has sparked an interest in vaporizers. However, dry herb vaporizers can be somewhat forbidding to those unfamiliar with them. 

They require a bit of specialized knowledge and prep time to use properly. This isn't much to ask for many vape fans, but more casual users can find this alienating. 

That's where pod-style vaporizers come in. These devices are similar to mainstream e-cigarettes and offer the same ease of use and simple designs. They also have the added advantage of being incredibly compact and easy to carry.

The Suorin Drop is one such device, its ultra-compact teardrop shape fits perfectly in the palm of your hand while still offering a fantastic vaping experience. Its super lightweight design makes it perfect for everyday carry while its optional silicone sleeve helps insulate it against the rough and tumble of the life of a vaporizer. 

How To Use The Suorin Drop?

The Sourin Drop is a simple and effective device to use. With its portable pod system, you will be able to refill it on the go with your favorite e-liquid. This easy to draw from the vaporizer is exceptionally easy as there are no finicky buttons, the full session is in the user's hands. 

How To Operate The Suorin Drop

The Suorin Drop's teardrop design makes it incredibly easy to load. It uses a pod system that is compatible with refillable cartridges. This sets it apart from some other devices that are only compatible with single-use pods. Filling the pod is easy, simply detach it from the top of the device, turn it over, and carefully fill it with a few drops of the e-liquid of your choice. 

After reconnecting the top let it stand for a few minutes. This allows the cotton wick to absorb some of the liquid. The Drop is draw-activated, so all you need to do is put it to your lips and inhale!

How To Get Best Vapor Quality

After filling the pod, make sure you give the cotton wick time to absorb the e-liquid. If you don't do this, the heating system might scorch the wick, leading to a permanent and nasty burnt taste. 

How To Clean/Maintain It

The Drop is incredibly low maintenance. Simply ensure that you frequently refill the pods, wipe the device down, and sanitize the mouthpiece.

Top 5 Suorin Drop Features 

1. Compact

One of the main advantages of the Suorin Drop is its compact and easy-to-carry design. Its teardrop shape makes it easy to handle, while its discreet size makes it easy to store. Its lack of external buttons means that accidental activation in your pocket is a low risk, so you can keep it on you all day long, without having to worry about it wasting any of your e-liquid or its battery. 

2. Pod System

The Drop's pod system is a fantastic fusion between the click-on system seen in vapes like the Juul and the more traditional tank-style vapes. It allows users to easily top up the cartridge between sessions while retaining the ease of use associated with disposable cartridges. It also greatly reduced plastic waste.

3. Draw Activated

The Drop is so compact that it eschews the normal button controls found on many vaporizers. This actually makes it more intuitive to use thanks to its draw-activated heating system. When the user puts the drop to their mouth and takes a hit, the heating system instantly kicks in, creating a dense and tasty vapor. 

4. Quick Charge

The Drop features an ultra-fast rechargeable battery. On top of this, it features pass-through charging. This means that you don't have to stop vaping as the battery recharges, so nothing can interrupt your session. 

5. Leak-Proof Silicone Valve

The Drop's tank features a clever silicone valve that remains shut when the device is not in use. This prevents any e-liquid from leaking out when the device is in storage. 

Is the Suorin Drop worth It? 

The Suorin Drop is a cleverly designed and super-portable device that has a host of features that make it incredibly convenient and efficient. 

It is precision designed for the type of vaporizer it is, cutting away all unnecessary features. On top of this, its refillable pod is a great middle-ground between tanks and disposable pods. 

Compare with similar products

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The Pax Era is a premium pod-style vaporizer that is part of the wave of new vape designs that are revolutionizing the vape scene. Unlike the Drop, it relies on pre-filled, single-use pods. Like the Drop, these need to be replaced. However, they need to be replaced after every use, rather than every few uses

These pre-loaded pods are available in a range of strengths and flavors, allowing users to enjoy a variety of vape sessions. 

Unlike the Drop, the Era can only be used with Pax liquids. You can't fill these pods with liquids of your choice. 

What’s included:

310 mAh Battery Unit

2 ml Cartridge

USB charger

User Manual

Certificate of Identity

Technical Specifications:



Chamber capacity


Temperature range


Charging time

45 min

Battery length

3 - 4 hours



Heating system



6 months 

5 Most Important Questions About Suorin Drop

Is the Suorin Drop Safe?

The Suorin Drop is made to a high standard, all of its parts are made with safe, non-toxic materials. 

What is a Suorin Drop Cartridge?

The Suorin Drop cartridge is the combination mouthpiece and e-liquid chamber found on the top of the Drop. It detaches from the rest of the device and can be filled with the e-liquid of your choice. It features a special silicone valve system that prevents any leaks. 

How Long Does A Suorin Drop Pod Last?

Each Drop pod can contain up to 2ml of e-liquid and offers around 200 hits. This means, on average, you'll have to refill your pod every 1.5 to 2 days. Each pod lasts around five to seven refills, after which you'll need to replace it. 

When is the Suorin Drop Fully Charged?

The Suorin Drop indicates that it is fully charged when the blue LED on its face stops blinking 

Why Does My Suorin Drop Taste Burnt?

Generally, if you experience a burnt taste from your Drop, it means one of three things: You need to refill your pod, you didn't give the cotton wick long enough to absorb e-liquid, or it may even be time to switch out your pod.

Suorin Drop

Suorin Drop

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