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Who Should Buy the Suorin Vagon?

Thanks to its draw activation that provides a similar feel as smoking a cigarette, the Suorin Vagon e-juice vaporizer is great for those who have recently quit smoking and want an easier transition. 

The Vagon is the dream vaporizer for those who enjoy all different types of e-juice and value the flavor of their vapor. The incredibly low price point, straightforward design, and lack of complicated controls make it ideal for beginners and those who prefer simplicity. The Suorin Vagon is a small lightweight device that sits comfortably in the hand and doesn’t attract too much attention. 

Why You’ll Love the Suorin Vagon?

The Suorin Vagon is packed with awesome features that set it apart from other vaporizers on the market today. The Vagon has a gorgeous sleek design available in a variety of vibrant colors, each with a glossy finish. This vaporizer features a pod system that can hold up to 2 mL of any e-juice and delivers great-tasting vapor every time. 

This small, compact, and lightweight vaporizer can easily fit into any pocket or bag, and can also be attached to any piece of clothing with its handy ergonomic holster clip. The Vagon takes just 1 hour to fully charge and can last anywhere from 1-2 days depending on how often you use it. 

How To Use the Suorin Vagon?

The Suorin Vagon is very easy to use and doesn’t take too long to become familiar with. Its simple design allows users to get started right away with very little prep required. The entire process is as simple as loading up the pod, throwing it on the Vagon, and taking a nice draw.

How To Operate the Suorin Vagon

Begin by filling up the pod with your choice of e-juice. To do so, grab your pod and pull out the silicone plug at the bottom. Once you have taken that out, measure 2mL of e-juice and carefully fill up the pod. Once you have filled the pod, take the silicone plug and gently push it back in. Make sure that you are replacing the Sourin Vagon pods after every 5-6 refills to preserve the pureness of flavor. Operating the Vagon is similar to smoking a cigarette, just bring the device to your lips and inhale through the mouthpiece.

How To Get Best Vapor Quality

If you ever notice that the airflow from the Suorin Vagon has become restricted or even blocked altogether, there is a quick way to solve the problem. Start by unclipping the pod, find the square cut out in the center, and push with a pin or screwdriver. Doing this should increase the airflow and provide better vapor. Some other ways to improve vapor quality include properly maintaining your e-liquid pods, keeping your device properly charged, and taking longer slower draws when inhaling from the mouthpiece.

How To Clean/Maintain It

Luckily, the Sourin Vagon doesn't require too much cleaning or maintenance. Pods should be replaced after about every 5-6 refills or whenever you begin to notice a burnt taste from your vapor. Some people like to take apart their pods to clean every so often but that isn't necessary. The body of the Vagon can be wiped down with a soft cloth whenever you notice any dust or dirt begin to build up. 

Top the Suorin Vagon Features 

1. Simple Design

The Vagon has a very simple design that is small, compact, and features no buttons or controls. This vaporizer is made up of just 3 total components which include the mouthpiece, body (battery), and belt clip section that allows the device to be clipped onto any part of your outfit or bag. The mouthpiece is slightly curved which resembles that of a classic pipe with a small orifice that provides a small, restrictive, cigarette-like draw. The Suorin Vagon is super lightweight, sits comfortably in the hand, and is available in a variety of vibrant colors, each with a gorgeous glossy finish. 

The Suorin Vagon is made up of small removable pods that include the mouthpiece, e-juice tank, and built-in heating element, while the Vagon body holds the battery. These refillable pods can hold up to 2mL of any type of e-juice and will not leak. The Suorin Vagon is compatible with the following e-juices:

  • Nic-salt e-liquids
  • Freebase e-liquids
  • Nicotine-free e-liquids
  • 60/40 VP/PG ratio e-liquids
  • 70/30 VG/PG ratio e-liquids

The Sourin Vagon pods will need to be replaced after every 5-6 refills or whenever you notice the vapor has a burnt taste to it. Luckily, replacement pods are incredibly affordable! These pods offer users draw resistance between 1.1 and 1.20ohms and are made entirely of polycarbonate. 

2. Battery and Power

The Suorin Vagon has a 430mah battery that only outputs 12W which allows the battery to last much longer. It takes about 60 minutes to fully charge the device and the battery can last up to 2 days depending on how often you use it throughout the day. 

3. LED Light System

The Vagon has an arrow-shaped LED light located on the front that lights up when you take a draw and also represents the current state of the vaporizer’s battery. A green light means that the charge of the battery is over 70%, blue means that the charge is over 30%, and red means that the charge is below 30% and needs to be plugged in. 

4. Ease of Use

The Sourin Vagon vaporizer is incredibly easy to use thanks to its draw activation feature. The device does not need to be turned on and there are no confusing temperatures you need to choose from. Just load the pod, bring the device to your mouth and inhale! 

Is the Suorin Vagon worth It? 

The Sourin Vagon is an incredibly affordable vaporizer that easily competes with brands like Juul. This is a high-performing device that delivers great-tasting vapor with inexpensive replacement pods. The Vagon charges quickly and lasts much longer than similar vaporizers on the market. 

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The Vagon is an incredibly affordable e-juice vaporizer, but if a low price point is your top priority then there are certainly better options out there for you. If you want a vaporizer that vaporizes e-juices, has a similar convenient pod system, and still stays under the radar, but is half the price, then check out the Juul.

Kandypens Rubi

If you’re looking for a vaporizer that allows you to enjoy both e-liquids and oils with a similar price, design, and pod system as the Vagon, then check out the Kandypens Rubi. The Rubi has a slimmer, much more compact design that can be used with both e-liquids and oils. Kandypens even offers an incredible lifetime warranty on their batteries. 

What’s included:

  • 1x Suorin Vagon Unit
  • 1x USB charging cable
  • 1x Refillable pod
  • 1x User manual

Technical Specifications:



Pod capacity


Charging time

1 Hour

Battery length

1-2 Days


105 x 20 x 25 mm


Blue, black, white, green, red

Build Material

Zinc Alloy


6 Months

5 Most Important Questions About the Suorin Vagon

1. Can you use CBD oil with the Suorin Vagon vaporizer?

It is not recommended to fill the pod with oil thicker than that of e-juice, it could drastically affect the performance of the device. 

2. Can you use the Suorin Vagon as it charges?

The Vagon fully supports pass-through charging, so feel free to use the device while it is plugged in. 

3. How much do replacement pods for the Suorin Vagon cost?

We sell replacement packs for the Suorin Vagon at 2 pods for $12.99 on our site.

4. How do I turn on the Suorin Vagon?

The battery of the Vagon is automatically activated when you take a draw from the mouthpiece.

5. What does Suorin use for their wick material?

Suorin uses organic cotton as wicking material to ensure great taste.

Suorin Vagon

Suorin Vagon