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Alpha Puff All-in-One Smoking Kit
The Alpha Puff All-in-One Smoking Kit
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The Alpha Puff All-in-One Smoking Kit
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Alpha Puff
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In a Nutshell
  • All-in-One smoking kit
  • Water bong
  • Lighter
  • Papers
  • Filter tips

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  • Product Description

    The Alpha Puff All-In-One Smoking Kit


    Get Yours At this Great Price While Stocks Last!

    The Alpha Puff Kit from Alpha-Cat is a seriously clever bit of hardware. If you are the kind of person who loves to smoke in different places like round at your friends or at music festivals then you need to have a convenient smoking solution that takes care of ALL your needs. Until now that usually meant a little smoking pouch or case with all your stuff in it. Well no longer!

    The Kit Comprises:

    • A Water Bong
    • King Size Slim Papers
    • Filter Tips
    • A "Windproof Lighter
    • Dry Product Storage
    • A Grinder
    • Plus A Cleaning Brush For Your Downstem.

    All Your Sesh Essentials In One Handy Package

    The Alpha Puff Kit looks like a simple plastic tube when it is all put away but, when you assemble it, it has everything you could possibly need for a full-on session.

    Dried Product Grinder

    When you pick up the tube the first thing you do is unscrew the piece on the bottom, this is your grinder! It has 69 plastic teeth to tear your dried products to bits and a pair of super strong rare earth magnets hold the two halves together so you'll never have it fall apart when you don't want it to. The next piece you unscrew from the bottom is a little storage pot which can hold 1-2 grams of dry products so you know know exactly where your material is, no worries about forgetting the most important part!

    King Size Slim Papers And Tips

    Once you have done that, you unscrew the top cap of the Alpha Puff Kit and this allows you to slide out the three little segments which contain a pack of King Size Slim papers, a pack of cardboard filter tips and a windproof lighter. So that is your rolling completely taken care of. Not only that, but there are also three slots in the front for you to store pre-rolled cigarettes ready to go.

    Bong Setup

    Once you have removed all of these accessories you are left with the most important components remaining. This little transformer ends up as a full-on bong setup with glass bowl and downstem, along with a cleaning brush keep your bowl and downstem clean and free from clogs.

    All of this and yet somehow it is still less than 10 inches tall and is only 2 inches in diameter! We absolutely love the Alpha Puff Kit and we think that, the moment you try it, you will too.


  • Technical Specifications
    diameter 53mm
    diffuser No
    downstem length 14cm
    height 24cm
    ice notch No
    includes King Size Slim Papers, Filter Tips, Storage, Grinder, Cleaning Brush
    material Acrylic
    percolator No