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The DaVinci Pocket Vaporizer Black
The DaVinci Pocket Vaporizer
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The DaVinci Pocket Vaporizer
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Da Vinci
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In a Nutshell
  • Digital Display
  • Used wtih Dry Herbs
  • Conduction Vape mwethod

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  • Product Description

    DaVinci Pocket Vaporizer - Version 2.0

    The latest innovation from Karma, the DaVinci Vaporizer is a new and advanced pocket-size vaporizer. Understanding that portability is essential, the DaVinci team set out to create the most efficient portable vaporizer ever designed. There are a variety of aromatherapy blends and essential oils that people want to vaporize, each requiring a specific temperature to produce vapor. This battery operated vaporizer is capable of satisfying all those needs. It features a digital temperature control system that allows the user to adjust the vaporizing temperature accordingly. The DaVinci Vape is small enough to fit inside your pocket and can be used nearly anywhere. It also includes a 2 Year Warranty that covers any defect related to the heating element.

    DaVinci Vaporizer Stats & Technical Info


    Dehydrated herbs and concentrated oils

    Storage capacity

    0.5 grams

    Temperature Levels

    99°F - 428°F

    Initial heating

    Approximately 60 seconds

    Heating system

    Hybrid (Convention and Conduction)

    Heating coating material

    Stainless steel

    Nozzle material


    External coating material


    Battery capacity

    Approximately 3 hours

    Charging time

    Full charge in approximately 3 hours

    Compatible chargers


    Compatible smartphones


    Other functions


    Approximate Dimenisons

    11 " x 3 " - Large enough for any message

    Approximate Weight

    500 grams


    2 years


    • 1 x Battery Charger.
    • 1 x Cleaning Tool.
    • 2 x Oil Cans.
    • 8 x Extra Screens.
    • 1 x Instruction Manual.
    • 2 Year Manufacturer's Warranty (DaVinci requests that customers contact them directly for any warranty claims. We are happy to help you along the way. Contact us for more details.)


    Other Portable Vaporizers are typically too big for a pocket and need to be carried in a purse or backpack, while others have to be plugged into the wall to work. That isn't convenient for someone traveling light and not carrying a bag.


    The impetus behind the design of the DaVinci was to create a vaporizer that not only could fit into any pocket but also had digital temp control for a precision experience. The reason for digital temperature control is to allow the user to dial in the exact vaporization temperature without creating harmful exhaust, smells or carcinogens.


    The features that make the DaVinci a favorite begin with the internal storage compartment. Packed before leaving, the DaVinci carries an additional 3X load in storage for later use. And there's no better way to use it later as you can slip the DaVinci out from any small pocket and use immediately.


    The DaVinci doesn't require assembly or use breakable straw pieces. Our flexi-straw is constructed of high-temp food grade silicon although some like to call it the walkie-talkie antenna.


    While the DaVinci is in your pocket, there is no worry of overheating because you need to activate 2 buttons with opposing motions to turn up the heat. The temp gauge can be read in Fahrenheit or Celsius depending on what school you come from and we didn't print the obvious On/Off lettering because this is your personal unit and once you've used it, you don't need an instruction graphic to take away from the James Bond look.


    There is no accidental opening of the lid or possibility of the contents spilling out cause we designed a latch to keep that from happening. When you want to give your material a stir or keep the chamber clean, just use the self-enclosed brush inside to do the job and put it back into its snug fitting.


    It's not likely you'll drop the DaVinci because great care was expressed to design an ergonomic grip but if you did, the internal components are secured to mil-spec standards and can handle the occasional party foul. The DaVinci may be used as a hand warmer since the little oven inside can be set to 430 degrees but it is better enjoyed on the chair lift with the aromatherapy it was intended for.


    The DaVinci is capable of vaporizing both aromatherapy and oils/concentrates. Simply fill the oil cartridge with your favorite oils or concentrates and enjoy the robust vapor production.

    DaVinci Vaporizer Version 2 In Depth Review

    The DaVinci Vaporizer Version 2 is a rugged and sturdy portable vaporizer that is hard wearing without being bulky. This vape is more than able to stand up to the day to day rigors of the life of a dry herb vape. It has a modern and heavy-duty look featuring an aluminium face plate, grippy plastic paint, and a short, flexible mouthpiece. The grippy finish will make sure that your vaporizer will be resistant to the bumps and scratches that sticking your vape into your pocket, dropping it, or sliding it about can cause. It is a compact vaporizer that is sure to fit in any pocket or bag

    The DaVinci Vaporizer Version 2 features a sturdy array of three lithium-ion batteries that deliver effective power to the bronze heating chamber. The front of the device features a small LCD screen that lets you see your unit’s battery life and current chamber temperature.  The battery life is somewhere around 40-60 minutes of continuous use. The device is activated by an on/off button mounted on the side and will continually heat until you press the button on the face of the device, which works a lot like a safety.

    The life of your battery can be stretched out if you alter your draw technique a little. Shorter draws, using lower temperatures, and turning the vape off directly after you are finished vaping all contribute to making your vape session. The Version 2 features a handy and intuitive auto shut-off feature that powers down you vaporizer after ten minutes of inactivity. This will help your battery last longer and make sure that you don’t leave the heating system running, wasting your herb too!

    This is an incredibly easy vaporizer to prep and pack. All you have to do is depress the tiny silver button that pops open the corner lead, revealing the chamber. This allows you to easily pack your dry herb in with minimal fuss. The amount of herb you can pack depends on how finely you grind your herb.

    The temperature settings on this DaVinci Vape are incredibly easy to control and adjust. It features a two-button control scheme that lets you accurately select the temperature that works best for you. The digital temperature gauge is incredibly accurate, so there’s no guesswork involved. You can change the display between Fahrenheit and Celsius depending on your personal taste, too!

    The standard temperature setting is about approximately 375 degrees Fahrenheit ( this should start registering on the LCD display nearly instantly). The heat up time is incredibly quick too, so you can expect your first hit in no time. The vapor from the Version 2 is of amazing quality. The dry herb is insulated from the heating coil by a fine metal mesh. This mesh allows hot air to flow up and through your dry herb, providing tasty, delicious convection. You can measure the temperature of your dry herb with the screen or the green LED light.

    The DaVinci Vaporizer is a compact vape that comes with a range of aftermarket accessories. You can find a range of whip sizes that will allow you to customize your vape experience. All the vapes are made from high temperature resistant, food-grade silicone, and is fabric-wrapped to make sure it can stand up to the day to day rigors of daily use. The draws are thick and tasty; the clouds from this device have to be seen to be believed. This vape is well insulated and you can be sure that your vape wont’ get uncomfortably hot no matter how hard you push it.

    Keeping your vaporizer clean is incredibly easy. It comes with 3 replacement screens so you can be sure that your airpath will be kept nice and clear. You open up your dry  herb chamber and easily clean out your vapes chamber, ensuring that your heating chamber and air path are free from resin and grime. Remember  if too much coats your chamber it can lead to hot spots and combustion.

    The air patch is made entirely out of high-quality, high-temperature food grade silicone that ensures that your path is clear and tasty at all times. The only other components used in the active portions of the DaVinci Vaporizer include stainless steel and non-lead elements.

    DaVinci Vaporizer Version 2 Pros and Cons


    • Great Convection Heating
    • Easy To Read Screen
    • Food Grade Silicone Whip


    • Chamber Lid Can Be Fiddly
  • Technical Specifications
    adjustable temperature Variable
    brand Da Vinci
    compatibility Dry Herb
    heating chamber material Stainless Steel
    height 151mm
    inhalation method Direct
    material Acrylic, Metal
    mouthpiece Acrylic
    power Battery
    temperature control Digital
    vaporization method Conduction
    width 51mm
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