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The DipStick Vaporizer
The DipStick Vaporizer
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The DipStick Vaporizer

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  • Product Description

    Dipstick Vaporizer Design:

    The Dipstick vapes launched in January 2017, the dipstick's unique as it saves you the need for getting stickiness all around. The sheer comfort that the vape offers you is your favourite concentrates is the main reason, with using the dipstick you do not need an E-nail or a recycler to vape.

    Dipstick has been designed to take away all the hassle related to vaping on the go, it is also available in different colour finishes

    The Dipstick portable vaper has the most perfect Art-form and design, the vape that will give you the best results, this dipstick vaper is the first of its kind. When you buy a Dipstick vape it comes with three year warranty also it is 8 inches in height. Normally when you order a Dipstick vape it can take 1-2 business days to come but in the other hand it can be linger depending on where in the world you are, the best thing about buying online products is you can now track your package when you place your order they then give you a reference number with will then help you track your package.

    Each unit comes with two batteries plus a charger that will change bought batteries at once/same time, two tips and then instructions and a cleaning kit to help keep your new Dipstick Vape clean, also you get tow glass concentrate jars.

    The Dipstick vape prices may very as you can get different kits and sizes, prices start from 100$ an go up and up.


    The Dipstick vape is a high quality piece with a high price tag to match, it looks great with its heavy metal body it really is built like a tank and it is also stainless steel.

    Build Quality:

    The Dipstick is well built as it breaks down into individual parts but is easy to put back together when you get used to it, also is very user friendly. To take it apart you have to take the mouth piece off first to get to any other part of your Dipstick vape the handy thing about all of this is that if you can't seem to put it all back together you can go onto a stream which will then help you.


    • Great packaging
    • Good weight in the hand
    • Simply to use
    • Long battery life
    • 3 year warranty
    • Every part is replaceable


    • The price
  • Technical Specifications
    adjustable temperature Fixed
    brand DipStick
    compatibility Oil, Shatter, Wax
    extra Straight Through Air Path
    heating chamber material Stainless Steel
    inhalation method Direct
    material Metal
    mouthpiece Acrylic
    power Battery
    vaporization method Conduction, Conduction/Convection