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The Kind Pen Bullet

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The Kind Pen is really small and shaped like a bullet. The Kind Pen bullet is made up of three pieces. The battery, The coil and Screen so you do not suck any particles through the mesh.

The heating coil is flat on the bottom So you do not have to worry about wasting any product. The atomizer itself is constructed with dual quartz rods and a titanium coil system. Built with a ceramic chamber, this vaporizer is excellent for heating as well as reheating unused oils that you might have missed the first time around.

The Kind Pen Bullet has a small but excellent lithium battery. 

Like other vaporizer pens simply click the on-off button 5 times to turn the device on. 

To use your Kind Pen bullet with concentrates simply fill the chamber with a nice fat dab of your favorite wax. Depending on the consistency and the softness of your wax hold the power button down for roughly 3 seconds to get a really nice pull on your dab.

Once the device has been powered on clicking the power button another five times will turn the device off allowing you to save any unused product.

One of the features we liked the most about The Kind Pen bullet is that it comes with a lifetime warranty. The warranty information is included inside the packaged box.

Additionally Inside the Box you will find a packing tool and a USB charger. 

This vaporizer comes in the following five durable matte colors, Black, Gray, Green, White, Red and Blue, which was my favorite.

The Kind Pen is on American company based in New Jersey with excellent support according to our customers and other reviews we could find on the web.

The Kind Pen Group have also been around for many years and have sold well over a million products since their initial launch, which is important when it comes to choosing the right vaporizer company to go with. 

You can expect this Vaporizer pen to last for years and therefore we believe it shall always be easy to find replacement parts if and when needed. 

We gave this little vaporizer a thumbs-up for being Compact and easy to use.

Some of the most asked about questions:

Q1: How does the lifetime warranty work and are the Bullet parts covered?

To activate the lifetime warranty simply register an account here. Once logged in, register your serial number that can be found inside the Bullet box. After you have inserted the serial number all your parts will automatically show up.

Q2: Can the bullet vaporizer be used for dry herb?

The Bullet Vaporizer should not be used for dry herb. It can however be modified to use as a dry herb vaporizer.

Q3: How much concentrate should I load my bullet with?

Screw the mouthpiece off the vaporizer, using the dab tool load a pea size amount of concentrate to fill the ceramic heating chamber. Place the wax on top of the coils to get an even hit upon inhaling. Make sure your mouthpiece screws on to the pen tightly. For best results, heat your product for 3-5 seconds before taking a hit.

Q4: How do I charge the Bullet?

Inside the box underneath the vaporizer padding, you’ll find the USB charger and packing tool. Plug the micro USB cable into the device. You will know when the device is being charged because of the red light. Once that light turns green, your device is fully charged and you’re ready for another session.

The Kind Pen Bullet

The Kind Pen Bullet

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