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Toilet Bowl Glass Hand Pipe



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Toilet Bowl Glass Hand Pipe - A Quick Intro

At Everyone Does It, we were a little bit surprised by the idea of a toilet hand pipe, but LA Pipes tends to think of everything, as is their usual way.

Why not use the craftsmanship of American workers, combine it with the magic of the dried herb industry, and create a durable glass pipe in the shape of a toilet?

I mean, it is a toilet bowl, after all. And who says a toilet bowl cannot take on a new meaning?

This a borosilicate glass made product, meaning you can rely on it for toughness, durability, and to look squeaky clean - even if it is a toilet. 

Toilet Bowl Glass Hand Pipe Features 

Tough Glass

Borosilicate glass is a hallmark of a quality glass hand pipe, and that is exactly what you are getting here. 

This glass is made to give you a semblance of longevity, not crack and break on you after you accidentally drop it onto carpet or hit a corner with it. 

This also makes cleaning easy, as the smooth glass will not allow as much debris to lodge itself into the chamber of the pipe. Cleaning is typically done with isopropyl alcohol.

You will just need to make sure you have a routine in place. 

American Made Artistry

This is a hand made, hand crafted pipe straight out of Southern California. The intricacy, creativity, cheekiness, and overall vision of this can be credit to the team at LA Pipes. 

Show your love to American based manufacturing by taking home a pipe from LA Pipes. 

What’s included:

  • 1 Toilet Bowl Glass Hand Pipe
Toilet Bowl Glass Hand Pipe

Toilet Bowl Glass Hand Pipe