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Twin Spiral Perc with Ice Notches and Splashguard
Twin Spiral Perc with Ice Notches and Splashguard
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Twin Spiral Perc with Ice Notches and Splashguard

Grace Glass NAMNBG15690
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  • Product Description

    This green-accented beaker base glass by Grace Glass features a highly effective twin spiral percolator. The 18.8mm female jointed glass bong comes complete with a slit diffuser, carb hole, splashguard and ice notches.

    • Twin Spiral Perc

    • 18.8 Female Joint Size

    • Removable Bowl Slide

    • Three Piece Slit Diffuser

    • 3-Pinch Ice Notches

    • Splashguard

    Twin Spiral Percolator

    Grace Glass equip this glass bong with a twin spiral percolator in the tube of the water pipe. This spiral perc forces the smoke to break up into smaller particles and cool down in temperature. This diffusion method not only cools down the smoke for a great smoking experience but helps remove nasty carcinogens from the mix. This leaves the user with a clean and smooth hit every time.

    Removable Bowl Slide

    As the bowl slide with handle is removable, this enables the user to easily insert their own vapour dome and nail. Converting this beaker bong into a beaker dab rig allows you to immediately dab your favourite oil and wax concentrates. For those looking to convert the piece, why not browse our extensive dabbing section for the perfect concentrate nail and vapour dome?


    The team at Grace Glass include an effective splashguard just above the spiral percolator. This helps eliminate the chance of water escaping through the mouthpiece. Now the user never has to worry about receiving any nasty water splashback when using the water pipe.

  • Technical Specifications
    brand Grace Glass
    diffuser Slitted
    downstem length 111mm
    glass thichness 4mm
    height 31mm
    joint Female
    joint size 18.8mm
    material Glass
    percolator Multiple Percolators, Spiral / Coil