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Two Piece Space Case Grinder
Two Piece Space Case Grinder

Two Piece Space Case Grinder
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Space Case
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  • Product Description

    2 Piece Titanium Grinder

    This heavy-duty grinder from space case is a tough and good looking grinder that is engineered to finely grind your dry products which will provide for an awesome smoking experience. The Black version of this grinder is made from anodized titanium, it is built to give a fine grind over which will last long.

    Please Note:

    The Silver version of this Grinder is made from Aluminium, not titanium. 

    Made from anodized titanium (Black version), it is built to give a fine grind over which will last long. The anodized also provides a non-stick surface which allows for lesser waste of dried products.

    It is great for grinding as it finely grinds the dried products almost to dust. It has a great body as the dried products do not stick to the grinder much hence, less waste. This grinder is also made to last very long and it is very strong and sturdy. A few features of this product includes:

    Two Piece Titanium Grinder Features:

    • Comes in 3 Sizes: 2', 2.5', 3.0'
    • Diameter 46mm, 61mm, 86mm
    • Width 81mm
    • Lengths 61mm, 81mm
    • It is Neodymium Magnetic
    • Razor Sharp teeth for finer grind
    • 2-piece Grinder
    • Coated with anodized metal ensuring the dry products do not stick to the grinder
    • Good for dry products, tobacco, or spices
    • Weight: 3.25 Ounces
    • Good for grinding large amounts of dried products at one go

    The dry products will need to be put in the first compartment and need to be Grinded until they are fine which could take a few minutes. The grinder comes in 2 colours, shiny silver and shiny black. The materials used are Aluminium and metal. It is Classic Magnetic and a very good grinder indeed. The blades of the grinder are quite sharp, also there is a magnet on the top of the grinder which keeps the grinder well intact making it very easy to carry while travelling. Lastly this grinder is a good buy as it will last years.

  • Technical Specifications
    brand Space Case
    diameter 46mm, 61mm, 86mm
    grinder parts 2-Part
    length 61mm, 81mm
    material Aluminium, Metal
    teeth Diamond
    width 81mm