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Vapman Handmade Swiss Vaporizer
Vapman Handmade Swiss Vaporizer

Vapman Handmade Swiss Vaporizer
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  • Product Description

    Vapman Handmade Swiss Vaporizer

    Quite simply this is a stunningly engineered and designed manual vaporizer of the highest swiss quality.

    Superbly designed to do one thing, but do it to perfection. The learning curve is minimal, you put your herb in the chamber, made from solid brass then GOLD PLATED for maximum even heat transfer. You then take your Vapman Lighter and heat the tip of the cone for 2 second blasts approximately 5 times. This heats the chamber. Then inhale the vapor from the mouthpiece.

    Sounds simple? Yet the design detail in the piece is eye watering. The mounts for the chamber are actually air holes in very tiny gauge copper. The mouthpiece has airholes to allow for a smoother vapor but by covering them with your finger you increase the density of the vapor you get.

    The container is designed from the ground up to hold the Vaporizer firmly and is airtight to ensure no leakage of any smells.

    All in all a wonderful vapouriser and one that we HIGHLY recommend to EDiT-Heads.

    Please note :The basic version doesn't come with Mica Flame protection and is plain wood not polished finish.

  • Technical Specifications
    brand Vapman
    compatibility Dry Herb
    height 61mm
    inhalation method Direct
    length 61mm
    material Gold Plated, Wood
    mouthpiece Acrylic
    power Analogue / Flame / Lighter
    temperature control Analogue
    vaporization method Conduction
    width 41mm