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Vapor Genie Classic Vaporizer Pipe
Vapor Genie Classic Vaporizer Pipe
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Vapor Genie Classic Vaporizer Pipe

Vapor Genie
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  • Product Description

    The Vapor Genie pipe is a compact vaporizer pipe designed for use with dried herbal aromatherapy blends.

    The main parts of the pipe are made from quality maple wood coated in lead-free, water based acrylic paint (there is no paint at all inside the pipe). åÊ

    The pipe works by shielding the bowl containing your herbs from the lighter flame using the ceramic 'flame filter'. åÊThe filter combines the heat from the flame with cool air to produce a vaporization 'sweet spot' temperature of between 225-375 degrees fahrenheit. åÊThis means that the herbal blends inside the bowl are effectively boiled which releases the active ingredients such as oils, flavours and terpenes without being combusted and thus generating harmful tars, toxins and carcinogens. åÊThis means that the vapour you subsequently inhale is cleaner, healthier and tastier and free from many drawbacks associated with conventional smoking. åÊThe flame filter is made from silicon carbide so it will withstand flame heating for many years requiring little to no cleaning.

    The Vapor Genie's ingenious design, superb build quality and very affordable price tag make it a real favourite here at EDIT. åÊAvailable today in a range of colours - please see dropdown menu.


  • Technical Specifications
    brand Vapor Genie
    compatibility Dry Herb
    heating chamber material Ceramic
    inhalation method Direct
    length 121mm
    material Maple, Wood
    mouthpiece Acrylic, Pinched, Straight
    vaporization method Conduction