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Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer

VENDOR: Storz & Bickel

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Who Should Buy the Volcano Vaporizer Hybrid?

The Volcano Hybrid is the go-to desktop vaporizer for people who are serious about vaping.

This product is widely considered to be the gold standard of desktop vaporizers. If you want the best vaporizer that money can buy in the confidence that, with good care, it should last a lifetime, buy yourself a Volcano Hybrid Today. You’re the kind of person who doesn’t just make purchases on a whim. You’ve done the research. You’re calculated. And that’s what has brought you here.

This is a top-of-the-range, safe, and durable product that has seen hundreds of hours poured into ensuring it performs to the highest standards. If you are the kind of person who usually stays in, invites some friends round, or just likes to stay in one place, you should grab a Volcano Hybrid.

This product is more tailored towards people who prioritize perfection, longevity, and reliability. On top of that, the Volcano Hybrid is extremely low maintenance, easy to use, and looks great. You won’t be able to find a product that provides as smooth and potent vapor clouds elsewhere. Also worth mentioning that this product is going to stick around for years so if you’re in it for the long haul, the Volcano Hybrid is for you.

Why You’ll Love Volcano Hybrid?

The Volcano Hybrid will enhance your life in many ways. The user experience is our number one priority here. Storz & Bickel have perfected the process. When it comes to convenience, every single component and every way you interact with the device has been well thought out. For example, the easy valve balloons. Storz & Bickel know that complicated valves that you have to screw on and waste time are fiddly and cumbersome. That’s why they have designed easy valves which you just pop on and off. You’ll love them! 

You won’t find other vaporizers on the market which have had such care and attention poured into the design and user experience. The reason why? Time and Money. Storz and Bickel have become one of the largest and most successful dry herb vape manufacturers on the planet. They have the resources; state-of-the-art facilities, top engineers, and designers as well as a sizable Research and Development budget which have allowed them to produce medical-grade products that are quite simply and very noticeably a cut above the rest.

Is the Volcano Hybrid worth it?

The short answer to this question is yes, absolutely. The Volcano Hybrid may be one of the most expensive desktop vaporizers on the market, however, you are purchasing something once and using it forever. The first Volcano vaporizers are over 20 years old and many of them are still working just fine. Of course, the design and manufacture have evolved since then, but the principle remains the same. Buy something which works better than anything else and you will never need to replace it. 

Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer By Storz & Bickel

If you imagine the Volcano Hybrid vaporizer is roughly the cost of 2 cheaper vaporizers, it all becomes clear. If you purchase a cheap vaporizer today, in 3-4 years, it may not be providing the same results if it still works at all. This would result in you having to purchase another Vaporizer making your total cost to be higher than the Volcano Hybrid but your smoking experience would be much lower. A well looked after Volcano Hybrid, on the other hand, will take care of you for up to 10 years and beyond!

Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer - FAQ

1. Does the Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer leave a scent after use?

The Volcano Hybrid can leave a smell when you use it in an unventilated area. Opening a window while using it will help to clear the air. The smell is nowhere near as strong as the smell of smoke, but there is a faint smell. 

2. Does the Volcano Hybrid come with a warranty?

Yes. The Volcano Hybrid comes with a very generous three-year warranty. You’ll have to register your product online to activate the three years, which is extremely quick and easy.

3. Is the Volcano Hybrid safe to use?

Yes. We haven’t heard any stories of Volcano Hybrids being unsafe. These products are manufactured under strict conditions to the highest of standards in Germany using German precision engineering. We think you’ll find that they’re safe. Furthermore, the product has a 30-minute cut off, meaning if you forget to turn it off, it will turn off automatically.

4. Can the Volcano Hybrid be used for medicinal purposes?

Absolutely! The Volcano Hybrid is good for medicinal and recreational use. In fact, Storz & Bickel specifically designed the original Volcano to be able to be used for medicinal purposes. Part of their original mission was to create products that could be used both medically and recreationally. The Mighty Medic was released a few years ago and is the first medically licensed dry herb vaporizer.

5. What’s easier to maintain: The Volcano Hybrid or the Classic?

There’s not much in it, but there are some features that make a difference. The Hybrid has easy valve balloons so you don’t have to worry about cleaning those. The other good news is that it has a simplified casing with no physical buttons. This makes it easier to clean than the Classic. There is no build of grime around the buttons that after several years begins to show its age. The Hybrid wins on this one!

6. Why does the Volcano Hybrid cost more than other Vaporizers?

This comes down to the extensive research and development that has gone into engineering this precision device. Can you imagine how many iterations this design has gone through since 1997 to get to the point we’re at today? Of course, the materials and manufacture are all top of the range with strict quality controls. The main reason this product is more expensive is that it works better, looks better, and lasts longer than the competition.

7. What’s the best temperature to select with the Volcano Hybrid?

We believe that you should do your own experimentation. Our testing has shown the best results to be from 350F to 385F. The lower temps tend to lend themselves to better tasting but lower potency vapor. At higher temperatures, you may have a stronger taste and a harsher hit but it will knock you for six.

Top 5 Volcano Hybrid Features 

1. Balloon or Tube: You Get to Choose 

Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer With East Valve Balloon

With the Volcano Hybrid, you get more than one option for consumption. The product comes with a tube and an easy valve balloon so you can choose the best way to use it. The balloon is great if you are with friends or just want that good, old fashioned balloon sesh. On the other hand, you have the hookah style tube insert. This functions without having to operate the air pump, so it’s quieter. The hookah has hardly any draw resistance at all. It’s great if you’re solo-seshing it up or just wanna show your friends something cool! Using the balloon method is great because you can easily control how much vapor you take in at a time. 

2. Hybrid Heating Technology matched by no other

The Volcano Hybrid takes advantage of two types of heating to maximize yield from your herb. By using a combination of convection and conduction, The herb is heated both directly from the heat and indirectly from the heated air as it passes through the filing chamber. This produces even heating of the herb and unmatched vapor quality!

The Volcano Hybrid can go from standby mode to fully heat-up and ready to go within an astounding 40-seconds. The heat exchange consists of a double helix. By choosing a shape with such a high surface area, they’re able to heat it to over 355°F in record time. This is a massive improvement over its predecessor.

3. Bluetooth Connectivity

One of many upgraded features of the Volcano Hybrid is its Bluetooth connectivity. It’s super easy to set up (especially on Android) and provides you with heaps of options you wouldn’t be able to control on the touchscreen. For example, you can create and define your own personal workflows and iterations, set alarms, and extend the automatic shutoff time.

4. Manufacturing Quality

As is to be expected from German engineers, Storz & Bickel, the Volcano Hybrid is built like a tank. Whilst it’s a fairly new product so hasn’t been put through its paces over the years, we can draw from our experiences of its two predecessors, the Classic and the Digit. Many users of the original Volcano Classic have reported nearly two decades of daily use. Their Volcano’s show no signs of slowing down or weakness. The Volcano Hybrid has been manufactured and assembled in Storz and Bickel state-of-the-art factory in Tuttlingen, Germany using medical-grade materials.

5. The Storz & Bickel touch of magic

The story of how Storz & Bickel rose to reign over the dry herb vaporizer world over 20 years ago is truly inspirational. Jurgen Storz designed the initial concept for the Volcano back in 1996 and started producing them one by one until the world realized they were magic. The first production Volcanos came out at the turn of the century. If you are new here and haven’t yet understood how iconic the Volcano Hybrid is as a product, it’s a little like looking at the iPhones. The Volcano Classic is like the first iPhone. The Volcano Digit is like the iPhone 3G and the Volcano Hybrid is like the iPhone X. It has much higher functionality than its predecessor but still retains the same classic design which helped it earn its original crown.

Technical specifications


Dry Herb, Concentrate, Liquids.

Temperature Levels

104°F - 446°F (40°C to 230°C)


7.1 in (18 cm)


7.9 in (20cm)


6½ pounds (1.8 kg)

Charging Cord:

Detachable power cord


3 years

Country of Manufacture


Chamber capacity

Over 1g

Chamber heat-up time

40 seconds

Heating method

Hybrid (Convection & Conduction)

Delivery type

Tube or balloon

Smartphone app


What’s in the Box?

1x Instructions

1x Volcano Hybrid Hot Air Generator1 Power

3x EASY VALVE Balloon with Mouthpiece

1x Air Filter Set

1x Filling Chamber (including 1 Cap Ring, 1 Normal Screen Set, 1 Concentrate Pad, 1 Cleaning Brush)

1x Grinder

1x Tube System

1x Easy Valve Balloon with Adapter

How To Use The Volcano Hybrid

It’s all very well having one of the most powerful desktop vaporizers in the world. But what’s the point in owning one if you don’t know how to operate it properly? For prospective buyers, you can carry out the deed in your minds whilst you wait for your new Hybrid to arrive.

How To Operate The Volcano Hybrid

1. Burn-Off

If this is your first time using your brand new Volcano Hybrid, you’re going to want to carry out a burn-off. This is essentially a dry run, you don’t put herb, you don’t inhale the air, you’re just engaging the machine so as to prep it for first use. This can help to burn off any residue or plastic fumes that are left in from manufacture. Simply turn your machine on and allow it to heat at full or nearly full temperature for 10-15 minutes. Doing this should help to burn off any residue.

2. Prepare the herb

Like all Storz and Bickel products, the Volcano Hybrid comes with an extra-large classic orange herb grinder to get you going. Load up your herb of choice into the grinder and turn the grinder for 15-20 seconds.

3. Load the herb

The filling chamber (which you’ll find on the top) has two pieces. You have to unscrew them to access the bowl. Pack your ground up herb into the filling chamber bowl (not too tightly) and then screw it back together. Screw the filling chamber on to the top of your Volcano Hybrid.

4. Heating up the Volcano Hybrid

This part is simple. You press the ‘HEAT’ button to turn it on and the “+” and “-” buttons to adjust it to your desired temperature. You’ll be able to see your Volcano’s temperature reach its desired level on the screen. We recommend between 350-385 F, however, the Volcano Hybrid can go much higher than that.

5. How to attach the balloon to your Volcano Hybrid

Grab the balloon and remove the black mouthpiece by pulling it off. Then simply pop the orange piece straight onto the top of the Hybrid. It is easy to pop on and off, no twisting necessary.

6. How to inhale using the balloon on your Volcano Hybrid.

Once you have completed steps 1 to 5, turn the air on (by selecting the air button on the touchscreen). When your balloon has filled with vapor, turn off the air, and lift off the balloon off the Volcano Hybrid. This will trigger the valve to close automatically, so you won’t lose your precious vapor. When you’re ready, reinsert the black mouthpiece. You can now inhale the vapor inside the balloon by holding it to your mouth and inhaling. The black mouthpiece opens when your mouth pushes it towards the balloon. When you take it away from your mouth, the mouthpiece closes.

7. How to use the Tube System with your Volcano Hybrid

The Volcano Hybrid comes with options. If you’d like to use the Tube System (whip attachment), it is also simple. You just pop it onto the top of the device in the same way the balloon pops on. Rather than press the air button, you use your lung power to inhale the vapor in the same way you might use a Plenty, Mighty or Crafty. You may need to inhale for approximately 10 seconds to get the desired amount of vapor.

Pro Tip: Storz and Bickel recommend that you remove the filling chamber in-between balloons or sessions. This is to keep the machine from overheating. It also protects your herb from heating whilst not in use which could cause it to decarboxylate. We strongly advise you to follow this advice, it will keep your herb tasting fresher too!

How To Get the Best Vapor Quality with the Volcano Hybrid

  1. Ensure your Volcano Hybrid is super clean, you’ll be able to tell the difference in taste and quality of vapor
  2. Use fresh herb. Make sure you are using a high-quality herb that has been dried adequately and is not too old. Terpenes are what give the vapor its amazing aromas.
  3. Make sure you fill the filling chamber more than halfway but don’t overpack it or you won’t get even heating.

How To Clean/Maintain The Volcano Hybrid

To get the most longevity and quality out of your Volcano Hybrid, you are going to want to keep it sparkling clean as much as possible. You can really tell the difference in taste between a clean Volcano and a dirty one!

You can wipe down the Volcano’s main body whenever it is dusty. This is more for aesthetics than performance, but we find that once you own one of these bad boys, just like a brand new Ferrari, you’re gonna be proud of it! You can use a damp cloth to clean the main body.

There is little cleaning when it comes to the balloons. Once they go brown in color, we recommend swapping them for a new one to maintain that same killer taste.

The bit that’s going to require the most cleaning is the filling chamber. This is because the filling chamber comes into contact with your herb. First, you need to completely disassemble the filling chamber. Put the plastic parts and silicone rings to one side. You can clean them with warm soapy water. With the remaining parts, soak them in isopropyl alcohol for approximately 30 minutes. When you’re done, give them a long rinse and dry before reassembly.

Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer

Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer