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Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer
Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer
Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer
Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer
Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer

    Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer


    Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer

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    Blow the roof off the sucker with the Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer. German engineers Storz and Bickel are known for producing top of the line vaporizers. The latest addition to the Volcano line is the Hybrid Desktop Vaporizer.

    Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer for Medical and Recreational Cannabis Consumers

    Like the earlier lines that brought cannabis enthusiasts the Volcano Classic and Digit, the Hybrid takes smoke sessions to the next level. Pack the chamber with flower or favorite concentrates and enjoy. The Volcano Hybrid produces one of the cleanest vape options around. This is appealing to consumers concerned about vaping and lung deterioration.  

    Use the Bluetooth connectivity to set the temperature (so it burns slower) and better manage the amount of flower it takes to sesh.

    Balloon or Whip:  Consumers Get to Choose 

    Volcano Hybrid users have more than one option for consumption. Use the balloon or the whip based on how many people are in the smoke circle. When using the balloon keep in mind that contents may last up to eight hours. It’s likely that potency will decrease with that amount of time. A good rip or two can help with that. For sippers the whip may be more appealing as less vape is needed for short sips. Hit the whip button to turn the flow on and control how much vape is pulled in. 

    Volcano Hybrid Clean-up

    Clean up is simple with the Volcano Hybrid. Included in the packaging is a cleaning brush. Use it to loosen debris on the screens and the Volcano is ready to go for future sessions. For deep cleanings assemble alcohol, epsom or sea salt, large jar and lid, new air filter, screwdriver and scissors.

    Separate the 3-piece mouth-piece, dislodge screen, use a screwdriver to take out the bottom “O” ring.  Unscrew metal chamber. Use pliers to take the herb tamper apart. Rub parts with rubbing alcohol.  Place sticky parts in the jar add epsom or Sea salt to aid in loosening dirt. Cover jar with the lid and shake. Rince all pieces, dry with paper towel and reassemble.


    Questions and Answers for the Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer

    Q:  Does the Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer leave a scent after use?
    A:  Yes. Opening a window while seshing will help release remaining scent to the outdoors. 

    Q:  Does the Volcano Hybrid come with a warranty?
    A: Yes. The Volcano Hybrid comes with a three year warranty.

    Q: Is the Volcano Hybrid safe to use?
    A: Yes. There is no reason to worry about combustion.

    Q: Can the Volcano Hybrid be used for medicinal marijuana?
    A: Absolutely! The Volcano Hybrid is good for medicinal and recreational cannabis use.

    Q: Is the casing tight?
    A: Yes. Volcano Hybrid Vaporizers are made with medical grade materials and stainless steel.


    Technical specifications


    Dry Herb, Concentrate, Liquids.

    Temperature Levels

    104°F - 446°F (40°C to 230°C)


    7.1 in (18 cm)


    7.9 in (20cm)


    6½ pounds

    Charging Cord:

    Detachable power cord


    3 years


    What’s in the Box?

      1x Instructions

      1x Volcano Hybrid Hot Air Generator1 Power

      3x EASY VALVE Balloon with Mouthpiece

      1x Air Filter Set

      1x Filling Chamber (including: 1 Cap Ring, 1 Normal Screen Set, 1 Concentrate Pad, 1 Cleaning Brush)

      1x Grinder

      1x Tube System

      1x Easy Valve Balloon with Adapter



    The sticker price for the Volcano Hybrid is $699. Shipping is free. Volcano owners get a superior vaping experience in comparison to $20 pens which have to be replaced quickly. A huge selling point for Volcano products is that they seemingly last forever. The investment of $699 pays for itself as consumers use less cannabis with a fully-covered product that lasts decades. With budget pens there is rarely a warranty since they’re pretty much lumped with disposables. For seekers of the ultimate vape experience who don’t mind dropping the bucks for the ride, the Volcano Hybrid is a primo investment. 

    Volcano Hybrid 

    This quality desktop vaporizer with  is getting a lot of attention. For cannabis enthusiasts who want the best of the best, this one is worth looking into. 


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