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Heavy Glass Turbine Oil Rig



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LA Pipes Heavy Glass Turbine Oil Rig - A Quick Intro

If you are new to bongs, you may be wondering what a turbine perc actually is.

With turbine percs, you get a cool whirlpool effect during sessions thanks to small angled cuts along the sides of the glass. The water spins around the vortex, cooling the smoke and giving you more efficient hits, with a feeling of smoothness, and yes, it is fun to watch as well.

Enter the LA Pipes Turbine Oil rig, a smaller bong with a bridged joint and a quartz banger to suit all your concentrate needs.

Scientific (or borosilicate) glass is used here, giving you a sturdy rig that will withstand the inevitable wear and tear and still look new after years of use. 

The curved neck makes for a more intuitive style of use, and the whole endeavor is both portable, casual, and high quality, just like LA Pipes likes it!

Top 5 LA Pipes Heavy Glass Turbine Oil Rig Features 

Bridged Joint

The bridged joint of this rig offers you extra durability and less likelihood of snafus down the line. You do not see these too often except for turbine percs. 

Borosilicate Glass

LA Pipes is focused on giving you the best of the best, and borosilicate glass is it.

Sometimes it is called scientific glass, but whatever you call it, you know this type of glass. It could withstand a hurricane if need be. 

Turbine Percolator

This is a unique style of percolator that manages to both look cool and still give users cool, fresh hits without the risk of nasty splash back. 

Bent Neck

The bent neck style helps you just sit back and relax and take hits at your leisure, a nice feature for a portable style rig.

Quartz Banger

If its a banger, LA Pipes is going to make sure it is a quartz glass banger, and this means you get better quality hits and an easier to clean piece of equipment to boot. 

How To Use LA Pipes Heavy Glass Turbine Oil Rig

1. How To Operate LA Pipes Heavy Glass Turbine Oil Rig

Start by adding water to your rig via the angled neck. Do not overfill, as the turbine perc will do a lot of the work for you in terms of limiting splash back. Analyze where the turbine grooves are, and fill about a half an inch above those.

Do a couple of bong rips with just the water to test it out if you are unsure. 

After filling the rig with water, connect the quartz banger to the female joint and ensure it is firmly placed and secured before going any further.

Begin heating it up with a small blowtorch to a temperature of your liking, but be careful not to go crazy with too much heat as this can just slow the process down or worse, create a dangerous situation for you when enjoying your session.

After a bit of time waiting for things to cool off, place some of your concentrates into the quartz banger bowl and stir it up with a dab tool. While doing this, inhale the smoke at the flared mouthpiece, remembering to not do any sharp inhalations if you are new.

2. How To Get Cool Hits From LA Pipes Heavy Glass Turbine Oil Rig

You have a turbine perc, so that means great hits from this rig.

However, this is assuming you are going to be cleaning it regularly. Cleanliness, as 

they say, is next to godliness! And there is nothing that will more impede your 

opportunity for good sessions than an unsanitary bong.

So clean it regularly (instructions are in the next section), and do not go too crazy on

heating, serving size, and water fill. 

3. How To Clean/Maintain LA Pipes Heavy Glass Turbine Oil Rig

This is a sturdy scientific glass, so cleaning is internal, and it should be done as

regularly as possible. Full cleanings will require isopropyl alcohol and coarse salts

blended into a water solution.

Shake up the rig vigorously to loosen grime, and clean all detachable parts with the same ingredients. 

Technical Specifications

Here are some of the technical specifications, by the numbers, for your LA Pipes Heavy Glass Turbine Oil Rig. 


6.5 inch

Joint Type


Joint Size

14.5 mm

Joint Angle

45 Degree

Percolato Type

Turbine Perc


Borosilicate/ ScientificGlass

Dual Use


Made In

Los Angeles, USA


LA Pipes

What’s included:

  • Heavy Glass Turbine Oil Rig
  • Quartz Banger
Heavy Glass Turbine Oil Rig

Heavy Glass Turbine Oil Rig