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Water pipe adapter
Water pipe adapter
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Water pipe adapter
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In a Nutshell
  • Allows you to use your Boundless with a water tool
  • Filter your vapor for maximum flavor
  • Cooler vapor for a smoother experience

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  • Product Description

    Boundless Water Pipe Adapter

    If you already own a CF, CFV or CFX and want to make your experience truly Boundless, then this is the piece you need. It replaces the normal mouthpiece with a universal water tool adapter, meaning you will be able to simply slot it onto any rig with a 10mm, 14mm or 18mm male fitting, or a 14mm or 18mm female. This will cool the vapor and enhance flavor like you never thought possible with a herbal vape. The smoothness will take your breath away. Make your Boundless vape all it can be.

    Boundless Water Pipe Adapter

    Compatible with Boundless vapes


    Cool your vape hits

    Compatible with Boundless vapes

    This water piece adapter is compatible with all of Boundless' flagship vaporizers including the CF, CFV, and the premier CFX. This means that you can enjoy a water-cooled vape session with any of these fantastic portable vaporizers, when you're out and about or in your own home!


    This water tool adapter replaces the mouthpiece of your high quality Boundless vaporizer. This adapter is universally compatible with a gigantic range of high quality water tools. Once you have this fantastic piece you can enjoy a water cooled vape session with any of your Boundless vapes and any of your water pieces.

    Cool Your Vape Hits

    Water tools allow you to enjoy a smooth and cool hit from your vaporizer. This means that all the harshness is cooled out of your vapor, allowing you to draw huge clouds without coughing and sputtering/.

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