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Who Should Buy XVape Cricket+?

The XVape Cricket+ is a budget concentrate vaporizer. This means that it’s perfect for beginners and more casual users. There is a huge range of budget vaporizers out there on the market, but few are as eminently affordable, discreet, and beginner-friendly as the Cricket+.

It has one of the slimmest designs we've ever seen in the concentrate vaporizer market, this thing is seriously small. This makes it ideal for carrying with you, or for storing safely and discreetly. 

Why You’ll Love XVape Cricket+?

Just because the Cricket+ is compact and affordable doesn't mean that it’s a barebones vaporizer. Quite the opposite, this X Vape pen features a range of features and design choices that offer plenty of quality of life improvements to your dab experience. 

The first feature is its quartz atomizer with titanium rods. Quartz is a fantastic material to use in concentrate vaping, this is because it has a super-rapid heat-up time. The titanium rods add to the consistency of this heat up, leading to a more consistent and even result. Its refillable vape cartridge offers a surprising level of variation, allowing users to actually adjust the vape flow and quality of their pulls. 

If you want a true budget vaporizer, but still like to be surprised by a variety of features, then the XVape Cricket 2.0 is a must. 

How To Use XVape Cricket+?

1. How To Operate XVape Cricket+

The Cricket Plus is about as simple to use as it gets. To load it, remove the mouthpiece (simply done thanks to the magnetic lock), then carefully load in your material of choice with a dab tool. Once you replace it, you'll be ready to activate the device. This is simple, all you need to do is click the power five times to begin heating. Then when you want to take a hit, hold down the button and take a draw from the mouthpiece. 

2. How To Get Best Vapor Quality

The Cricket Plus is a very holistically put together device, you don't have to worry about much prep work. However, ensuring that you don't overload your chamber and frequently clean out the device is a must if you want to enjoy unobstructed hits. 

3. How To Clean/Maintain

The first thing you need to consider when cleaning the Cricket Plus is to ensure that you hold the device upside down and pulse the heat a few times. This will ensure that any residual reclaim drips out. Never poke around near the coil, this can easily damage it, and you should avoid using any harsh chemicals or solvents. 

Top 5 XVape Cricket+ Features 

Magnetic Mouthpiece

One feature that is present across several XVape devices is the presence of a magnetically locking mouthpiece. This is a fantastic design feature for compact devices as it spares the user from having to get to grips with any fiddly threading or latches. It also greatly reduces the risk of spillage. The mouthpiece on the Cricket+ is glass, adding an extra level of quality to its overall design. 


A familiar design choice found among dab vaporizers is a focus on discrete, compact designs. Well, few get more discreet than the Cricket+. This ultra-small vaporizer is so small that you'll have no problem stowing it in any pocket or bag. It is perfect for storage, easily slipping into any pocket or bag. 

Quartz and Titanium Heating

The dab heating system of the Cricket+ uses two of the best materials for the job; quartz and titanium. Quartz is a very conductive material that is resistant to thermal shock, making it perfect for the temperatures that dabs require. This heating ability is further augmented by the titanium rods found within the heating system This super-conductive material has a rapid and consistent heat up time. 

Preheat Your Cartridge

The Cricket+ features a unique preheat option. This allows you to get more out of your concentrates, by exposing it to a burst of heat well before you take your first hit. This means that you'll be able to enjoy a denser, more flavorful hit with no mess or fuss. 

Broad Temperature Range

The Cricket+ has a shockingly broad temperature range for a vape of its size. It has heating options that reach all the way from 580°F – 930°F. This allows it to work with nearly any concentrate. 

Is the XVape Cricket+ worth It? 

For its incredibly low price, the XVape offers a lot of value. Even if you're just curious about dipping your toe into the vape industry, the Cricket+ allows you to do this with minimal monetary risk. This also makes this a fantastic stop gap vaporizer, perfect for plugging a hole in your collection until you build up the funds for a more premium quality device.

Compare with similar products

The Avant 

The Avant is another XVape device. Rather than being designed for heavy duty concentrates, it is intended to be used with specially thinned e-liquid style materials. It is even more compact and simple in design than the Cricket Plus. This makes it ideal for those who like to keep things as simple and lightweight as possible. It has practically no heat up time, relying on a draw-activated heating system. It uses a ceramic heating chamber so you can be sure that each and every hit will be smooth, and untainted by any nasty chemical tastes. 

What’s included:

  • XVape Cricket+
  • Charger
  • Dab tool

Technical Specifications:



Chamber capacity


Temperature range

580°F – 930°F

Charging time

1 hour

Battery length

1 hour of continuous use


4" x 0.11"

Heating system



90 Days

5 Most Important Questions About XVape Cricket+

What Materials Can The XVape Plus Cricket Use?

The X Vape Plus can be used with oil and wax style concentrates 

How Long Does the XVape Cricket Plus Take To Charge?

The XVape battery can be charged to full capacity in around an hour. Make sure you disconnect it after this time to prevent any damage caused by over-charging.

What Type of Heating System Does the XVape Cricket Plus use?

Like many vaporizers of its type, the XVape Cricket Plus uses an atomizer-based heating system to vaporize concentrates. 

How do I recharge my XVape Cricket Plus?

The XVape comes bundled with a compact USB micro charger.

How Long Does the XVape Cricket Plus Take to Reach Vaping Temperature?

The XVape Cricket Plus can be brought to vaping temperature in around 20 seconds. If you pre-heat it, then it can reach vape temperature even quicker!

XVape Cricket+

XVape Cricket+