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Who Should Buy the XVape Fog Pro?

The XVape Fog Pro is a versatile vape that fits in well with any lifestyle or aesthetic – but with a special bias towards those who pride themselves on terrific taste. That’s because Fog Pro is a full convection vaporizer with a sleek look, zirconia mouthpiece, dual compatibility, and superior, flavorful taste. After successfully launching the original Fog, the Fog Pro introduces some new features and updates.

Among these is a more durable, sizable design that packs a punch when it comes to creating the best vaping flavor and clouds. The heat-up times are also lightning quick, which will please seasoned vapers who want flavor and clouds on the go. This minimalist, modern vape will please seasoned users who enjoy discretion and modernity. 

Why You’ll Love Fog Pro by Xvape

There are a lot of vapes out there, and the choices can be overwhelming at times due to the sheer volume of features, gimmicks, quirks, and overall saturation that has been the hallmark of the vaping industry lately. It can be hard to discern what is quality and what is simply a fad. 

The best thing about the convection fog vape is its quick turnaround time when heating up. Its temperature range goes from 212°F to 428°F (100°C - 220°C), and boasts far more specificity when calibrating the temperature, compared to its predecessor. It actually beats the original fog by 10 full seconds. The zirconia jewel mouthpiece adds another element of aesthetics and durability.

Also, the avoidance of plastic and silicone for the Fog Xvape USA’s internal hardware makes for an even safer, better flavored, overall higher quality product. 

How To Use the Xvape Fog Pro?

1. How To Operate the Xvape

Before you get to partake in using your Xvape Fog pro, hold your horses for the charging portion. Use the provided USB-C cable to fully charge the Xvape for 6 hours before initial use. The charging icon will appear on the screen LED display and remain there until the device is fully charged and ready to use. 

If you are going to be using the dry herb for your vaping experience, be sure to have grounded the herb to a midsize grain. This will make it easier to load the chamber with your herb. Remove the mouthpiece to expose the loading area. You will notice the loading chamber is sloped for ease of depositing the herbs. If using concentrate, be sure to use the included wax pod. Proceed as described above.

Replace the mouthpiece and turn the device on with three clicks. It will immediately heat to the default temperature which is 328°F. To choose your temperature, simply use the up and down buttons, holding one or the other down to quickly toggle and adjust the temperature to your likings. Three clicks will turn off the device. 

2. How To Get Best Vapor Quality

You can rely on the XVape Fog Pro to deliver quality sessions and pleasant plumes of smoke. There are just a few tips and tricks to keep in mind so that your Fog Pro operates at its maximum. 

Remember to be careful with your dry herbs, ensuring that they are not too thin or too chunky to load up the chamber with. You risk hits that taste like an ashtray if not well loaded, and uneven hits can be hard on the throat. 

Also, be sure to follow the instructions on charging. You will want to ensure that the battery is properly calibrated to prevent poor performance later on in the device’s life span. While the battery is replaceable, no one wants a premature monetary expense before it is necessary. 

3. How To Clean/Maintain It

There are going to be parts of your XVape Fog Pro that come into contact with substances that eventually build up dirt and grime. That includes flower, wax or concentrate, and vapor. You will need to clean your device regularly to ensure that its quality does not begin to deteriorate due to the buildup of particulate matter and dirt. 

The mouthpiece is one of the more obvious parts that need cleaning, so remove it and soak it in soap and water. The other detachable parts of your device should be immersed in isopropyl alcohol, except for the metal parts, which should be wiped lightly with a cotton swab. All detachable pieces should be rinsed and dried before reassembly.

After the entire device has been cleaned, perform a burnoff session until it is done.

Top 5 Fog Xvape Pro Features 

Detachable Battery

The detachable battery should give any vape user a sense of true ownership, as you can always keep your vape around and simply replace the battery if it goes out. This is likely to be a feature loved by many vaporizer users both novice and experienced. 

Temperature Calibration 

While there is nothing wrong with vapes that simplify their temperature features to just 3-4 presets, we know that more options tend to be a positive thing in the vaporizer world. Enjoy more targeted temperature calibration with the Fog Pro. 

Dual Use 

What can we say about dual-use vapes? The fact that you can use both your high-quality dry herbs, as well as potent concentrates and waxes, means this vape is meant for long-term use and sessions will always be enjoyable with extracts. 

Durable Shell

An updated version of the XVape Fog Pro gives you a durable shell that is resistant to shocks. Any accidents will be less anxiety-ridden as a result! 


You get superior flavor with the XVape Fog Pro thanks to the lack of plastic parts in the device’s internal hardware. 

Is the Xvape Fog pro worth It? 

Retailing at $139.00, this vape is a medium-range priced vaporizer. Considering the dual-use and the numerous improvements over the original fog, we at EDIT believe that this is a quality vape that is more than worth its retailing price. We love that it includes cleaning supplies, has a fast heating time, removable battery, and a convection heating system that gives terrific flavor. 

What’s in the box:

  •  User Manual
  •  USB-C Cable
  •  4 Alcohol Wipes
  •  2 O-Rings
  •  3 cotton swabs
  • 1 brush
  • 1 wax cup
  • 1 gift box

Technical Specifications:


Dry herbs and concentrates

Chamber capacity

0.3 grams

Temperature range

212°F to 428°F (100°C - 220°C)

Battery type

Replaceable 3200 mAh

Battery length

6-8 sessions


1.74in x 1.02in x 3.93in

Heating system



1.5 years for electric parts with receipt

5 Most Important Questions About Xvape Fog Pro

Q1. How To Charge Your XVape Fog Pro?

Use the provided USB-C cable that comes in the box. 

Q2. I am new to vaping, will I cough a lot? 

You may at first. However, this will decrease as you get used to vaporing. 

Q3. How Often Should I Clean my XVape Fog Pro?

Try to clean it as often as you can. Do not let build-up of debris occur. 

Q4. How to Get The Best Flavor from my XVape?

Be sure to keep the temperature at a mid-range setting. Too hot will dull flavor. 

Q5. How Long is the Battery Life? 

You can expect 3-5 sessions from this battery. Be sure to follow manual instructions when it comes to the initial charge of this vape’s battery. 

XVape Fog Pro

XVape Fog Pro