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XMax Starry v3 Vaporizer


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Who Should Buy Xmax Starry V3?

The XMax Starry from X-Vape is an incredible entry-level vaporizer that is perfect for total beginners or casual users. It is a great quality device that is available for a very affordable price.

This is the third interaction of the Starry, this one features plenty of quality of life features including a magnetic zirconia mouthpiece and haptic feedback alerts.

Its ceramic oven combined with a tried and true conduction heating system means that users can expect solid sessions. This means that anyone can pick up this device and enjoy solid, reliable sessions without having to break the bank or learn the controls of a more advanced device. 

Why You’ll Love Xmax Starry V3?

The attractive price tag is a big selling point of the Xmax Starry V3, it allows thought on a tight budget to access the incredible world of dry herb vaping. Though it is an inexpensive device, this doesn't mean that it is low quality.

It features a host of incredible features, including a ceramic dry herb chamber that makes the most out of its conduction-style heating system.

It also features a full multi-button control system with a small LED screen that allows you to see exactly what's going on inside your device and adjust your vape experience accordingly. Finally, it is an incredibly slim and compact device that is ideal for everyday use or casual use for people who don't have much storage space. 

How To Use Xmax Starry V3?

1. How To Operate Xmax Starry V3 

The Xmax Starry is incredibly easy to use, with a simple control scheme that is incredibly user-friendly. To start, load the device by removing the chamber lid by pulling gently on the mouthpiece of the unit. When this comes away it will expose the ceramic herb chamber.

Decant your pre-ground herb into it and then replace the lid. Activate the device by pressing the power button three times in a row. The unit will turn on and flash a welcome message on its screen. You can control the heat setting of the chamber by pressing the up and down buttons. 

2. How To Get Best Vapor Quality

The Starry V3 is a conduction vaporizer, this means that it directly heats the surface area of your herb. To get the very most out of this, you'll want to maximize the amount of dry herb in contact with the heating system. This means you need a fine grind and a dense pack. 

3. How To Clean/Maintain It

The Xmax Starry is an incredibly easy vaporizer to maintain. All you have to do is remove the mouthpiece and gently wipe out its chamber with a q-tip wetted with a tiny amount of isopropyl alcohol.

When you're finished, reassemble the vaporizer, and ensure that all of the alcohol evaporates before use. 

Top 5 Xmax Starry V3 Features 

Ceramic Chamber

The Starry V3 makes the very most out of its conduction-style heating by using a ceramic heating chamber. Ceramic is a non-reactive material that is incredibly conductive. This means that it will generate consistent heating for the entirety of the heating chamber, evenly vaporizing all of your herbs. This results in predictable, dense, and authentic tasting hits. 

Full Controls

Unlike many devices in its price range and many vaporizers this size, the Starry V3 features a multi-button control scheme and a full LED display. This features an up and down button that allows you to easily cycle through the full temperature spectrum of the device. At the same time, the display allows you to see exactly what's going on inside your chamber, allowing you to easily and accurately control your vape experience. 

Magnetic Mouthpiece 

The mouthpiece on the starry is removable to allow users to access the herb chamber. It is held in place with a powerful magnet. This ensures that the lid aligns correctly and clicks on with a secure, leak-proof seal. On top of this, it also ensures that it is easy and intuitive to remove for when you want to access the chamber. 

Removable Battery

The Starry V3 features a powerful battery life that offers around eight sessions on a single charge. It is fully USB rechargeable, and it is also removable. This means that when it runs down, rather than having to resort to plugging it in, you can carry a spare and swap it out for increased range.

Slim and Discreet

The XMax Starry is designed from the ground up to be a high-quality portable vaporizer, thus it has an incredibly discreet and slimline design. This can easily slip into any pocket or bag. 

Is the Xmax Starry V3 worth It? 

The Xmax Starry V3 offers an incredible amount of power, discretion, and tasty vapor for an incredibly affordable price tag. By far one of the biggest features of the Starry is its low price. If you have ever wanted to enter the vape acne because the cost of the initial investment scared you off, then look no further.

On top of this, its quality is head and shoulders above that of many other vapes in its price range, meaning that you don't have to sacrifice quality for a lower cost. 

Compare with similar products

Originally the Arizer Solo 2 was a more expensive premium vaporizer. However, over the years it has dropped in price making it a fantastic entry-level device.

Don't let its age fool you, it still outperforms many of the newest portable vaporizers on the market today. Its focus on dry herb flavor has stood the test of time, offering an incredible purity of taste thanks to a combination of its non-reactive stainless steel oven. Its dedication to flavor goes beyond this with its amazing glass aroma tube system. 

These removable glass pods slide into the device's airpath and can be pre-loaded for convenience. The Solo 2 has a range of incredible features that were once the exclusive purview of more expensive devices. Now, however, they are eminently affordable and something that nearly everyone can enjoy. 

What's in the box:

  • Starry V3 unit
  • Cleaning Set (Tweezers, Brush, Tool)
  • Micro USB Charging Cable
  • Mouthpiece Screen, Chamber Screens
  • Silicone Mouthpiece Cap
  • Replacement seals
  • Wax Pad
  • User Manual

Technical Specifications:


Dry Herb

Chamber capacity


Temperature range


Charging time

2 Hours

Battery length

2 hours


4.3 "x 1.4 "x 0.9 "

Heating system



1 year

5 Most Important Questions About Xmax Starry V3 

Q1. What Can the Xmax Starry V3 Be Used with?

The Xmax Starry v3 is mainly designed for use with dry herbs and botanicals. However, thanks to the concentrate insert it can also be used with some types of oil and wax concentrates!

Q2. How To Clean The Xmax Starry V3's Mouthpiece

One of the more labor-intensive parts of the Starry to clean is the mouthpiece. This is because it comes into frequent contact with both vapor and the user's lips. To clean this simply detach it from the rest of the device and steep it in isopropyl alcohol and gently wipe out the interior with a q-tip. 

Q3. Can The Xmax Starry Be Used With A Water Pipe?

The Xmax Starry v3 can be used with a bong or bubbler using it in conjunction with a water tool. This allows the mouthpiece of the device to connect to the joint of your bong. 

Q4. What Accessories Are Compatible with the X Max Starry?

The Xmax Starry features a broad range of compatible accessories that allow users to augment and improve their vape experience. Water pipe adapters allow the device to be used with a bong. The Wax Cup allows users to enjoy a wax vape experience, and the silicone cover offers users a smell-proof way to transport their device. 

Q5. What is the best temperature for the XMax Starry V3?

The Starry has a broad range of temperature settings ranging from 212 °F to 464°F. The best bracket for most users lies in and about the 365 °F to 392 °F

XMax Starry v3 Vaporizer

XMax Starry v3 Vaporizer