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XVape V-One 2.0 Kit - Pen w/ Bubbler Attachment



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Who Should Buy the XVape V-One 2.0?

Whether you’re new to concentrate vaping, or a seasoned enthusiast the V One vape by XVape combines ultra-simplicity with extremely high performance. 

At home you can set it up as a rig, when you are going out, you can simply put on the metal mouthpiece and carry it in your pocket. Not only does the V One vape use the latest dual quartz coil technology, it features simple temperature control options for customizable sessions.

This device is perfect for vapers looking for robust vapor clouds without sacrificing flavor. This concentrate vaporizer acts as both a portable vape and a table or desktop mini rig – the V-One 2.0 vape is truly the best of both worlds!

Why You’ll Love the XVape V-One 2.0

The XVape V-One has quickly become known for the massive volumes of vapor it produces from even the smallest amount of material. Because of its dual titanium coil, the V-One 2.0 generates billowing clouds of vapor in only a few seconds! 

The V-One also comes bundled with so many great features and attachments. 

The XVape V-One 2.0 is a 1500mAh, portable wax vaporizer that comes with two mouthpieces and two temperature settings. It comes with the XVape 2.0 battery and stainless steel mouthpiece, user manual, a micro USB charging cable, a spare 0.5ohm dual quartz coil, replacement rings and a battery stand. 

This product also includes a glass bubbler mouthpiece and a magnetic dab tool and carb cap.

The clear carb cap over the atomizer allows you to see the vapor swirl as you take a hit. The atomizer is located closer to the mouthpiece, and this ensures you get a rich flavor from every puff.

How To Use the V-One 2.0?

Using the XVape will sound familiar to anyone who has even a little bit of experience using a vaporizer. The main variable with this unit, is the addition of the water bubbler that you can attach onto the unit for smoother, filtered hits. 

1. How To Operate XVape V-One 2.0

To begin, XVape recommends that you charge your V One 2.0 for six hours before initial use. Charge the vape by connecting the micro USB to the charging port and plugging the USB cable into the main charger. A red light will blink until the battery is full.

Once your device is charged, remove the stainless steel mouthpiece to expose the heating coil. 

Using the dab tool, add a small amount of concentrate into the heating element, then put the mouthpiece back onto the base. 

If you are using the glass bubbler attachment, fill it from the mouthpiece no higher than the middle pole. Use the dab tool to place a small amount of concentrate onto the heating coil, then put the carb cap back on to the glass bubbler.

Click the button 5 times in quick succession to turn the V One 2.0 on. The LED light will flash 3 times indicating the unit is on. 

Press and hold the button, then inhale slowly and deeply from the mouthpiece.

There are two temperature settings for the XVape V-One 2.0: 

  • 1200°F (Red LED)
  • 1650°F (Green LED)

Using a high temperature will give you thick clouds, while using a low temperature will result in a tastier, lighter vapor quality. Pressing the power three times will allow you to cycle between the temperature settings.

2. How To Get Best Vapor Quality

To get the most out of your XVape V-One, try to clean it regularly. If possible, give a quick clean after each use.

You will also want to take full advantage of the water bubbler that is included in this package. Bubblers produce a better tasting smoke than dry pipes, since the smoke is filtered through water before it reaches your lips.

For this reason, the use of bubblers brings forth a smoother, healthier smoking experience because they cool down the smoke as you inhale, reducing the impact on your body.

Finally, make sure you are regularly charging your device. If the battery gets too low, it could start to affect the overall quality of your vape sessions. 

3. How To Clean/Maintain It

Cleaning the XVape V-One is a relatively straightforward process. 

Start by removing the mouthpiece from the base of the device. If you are using the glass bubbler attachment, empty out any water and give it a good rinse under some hot water.

Next, get some isopropyl alcohol and a little bit of coarse salt and add it into the glass bubbler attachment. 

Plug up the openings of the bubbler and give it a good shake to knock any stubborn residue loose. Follow up by rinsing the bubbler out with more hot water and maybe even a little bit of dish soap. 

If you are cleaning the stainless steel mouthpiece, you can simply soak it in some isopropyl alcohol.

Once it's clean, allow it to dry completely before use. 

To clean the coils, start by unscrewing the heating coil unit from the base of the device. Similar to the steel mouthpiece, the heating coil can be submerged in isopropyl alcohol to clean away the sticky residue. 

Alternatively, you can use some cotton swabs and dip them in some isopropyl alcohol. Carefully wipe the coils with the moist cotton swabs to clean off any residue. 

Do not submerge or clean the battery of the device with water or isopropyl alcohol. 

Once you are happy with your results, let the components dry and then run the device through a couple burn-off cycles to evaporate any leftover alcohol. 

Top 5 XVape V-One 2.0 Features 

Temperature Control Battery

The XVape V-One 2.0 takes all of the guesswork out figuring out what temperature to set your vaporizer to. Two preset temperatures are all you need to start vaping all of your favorite waxes and concentrates!

Dual Quartz Coil

Quartz offers fast heat-up time and delivers a clean vapor flavor due to it being a neutral material. Most modern vape pens use quartz because of its ability to withstand high temperatures. Loading and cleaning quartz coils are also very easy even for new users.

Stainless Steel Mouthpiece

The bright, easily maintained surface of stainless steel provides a modern and attractive appearance. Not only is stainless steel an excellent choice thanks to its hygienic, easy-to-clean nature, it is extremely durable. 

Glass Bubbler Mouthpiece

This mouthpiece takes the portability and ease-of use of a standard glass pipe and combines it with the smooth vaping experience of a bong. The Xvape V One bubbler attachment uses a percolation system to filter vapor through water, creating a smoother, silkier experience.

XVape Magnetic Stand

With the addition of the bubbler attachment, XVape has also included a powerful magnetic stand to give the new V-One 2.0 more stability when being used as a dab rig. The stand attaches quickly and easily, providing a solid base so you can take hits with confidence and security.

Is the XVape V-One 2.0 worth It? 

The new XVape V-One pen vape 2.0 is a stylish and portable electronic dab rig that provides a superb vaping experience. It heats up to your desired temperature in just a few seconds to deliver smooth, flavorful puffs.

The V-One 2.0 is arguably the most attractive product from XVape since the Vista Mini 2. The excellent quartz coils are also a major selling point, and rival even the efficiency of the XVape Vista coils.

All of this, coupled with the affordable price tag, are some of the biggest purchase incentives for this awesome portable vape.

What’s included:

1x XVape V-One 2.0 Pen

1x Extra Heating Element

1x USB Cable

1x Glass Bubbler MP

4x O Rings

1x Packing Tool (Dab tool)

1x Magnetic Base

1x User Manual 

Technical Specifications:



Chamber Material


Atomizer Coil

Quartz .5 ohm



Battery Capacity

1500 mAh


4.23” x 0.74”

Heating system



2 years

5 Most Important Questions About the XVape V-One 2.0 Kit

Can I use dry herbs with my XVape V One vape?

No, this device was designed specifically for wax and concentrates only. Using dry herbs with this unit can damage the device or clog up the ceramic heating chamber.

Why is my XVape V-One 2.0 flashing 10 times?

If your V One vape is flashing rapidly 10 times in a row, then that means that the battery is low and needs to be charged. XVape suggests that you don’t leave the device for extended periods of time since it will no longer accept a charge if it falls below 2%.

How do I replace the V-One’s heating coil?

If you have a replacement coil, start by removing the mouthpiece and unscrewing the heating coil from the base of the unit. Once you have removed it, you can now install the replacement coil by screwing it directly into the base. 

Can I use the XVape V-One vape while it is charging?

No, the V-One 2.0 cannot be used while charging. Using it while it is charging can potentially damage the device and even lead to injury. 

How do I store my XVape V-One when it's not in use?

Always allow your V One vape to cool down before storing it away. The V-One 2.0 should be stored in a clean, dry place protected against the effects of weather and out of reach of children.

XVape V-One 2.0 Kit - Pen w/ Bubbler Attachment

XVape V-One 2.0 Kit - Pen w/ Bubbler Attachment