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Who Should Buy XVAPE V-One+?

This portable ceramic wax pen is a hefty, high-quality stunner that produces brilliant plumes for everyone’s enjoyment. This vape is portable, and a terrific vape for users that are new to concentrates and waxes.

The secret compartment allows you to always have this vape at your side all day. And for those of you sensitive to taste and smell, this vape puts in hardware that can easily head off any synthetic or intense odor, unlike other vapes. The borosilicate glass mouthpiece tops this vape off with a sleek, quality look. You will be in very good hands with the XVape V-One plus. 

Why You’ll Love the XVAPE V-One Plus

One of the biggest selling points about the XVape V One Plus is its use of a secret compartment at the bottom which gets the privilege of storing one’s wax concentrates. This sense of portability points to the XVape’s attention to detail.

There is also compatibility with other vapes out in the marketplace thanks to the detachable borosilicate mouthpiece. The mouthpiece fits on the Pulsar Sirius Plus, and the coil is compatible with the XMax Donut Coil as well. Because of the compatibility, portability, and overall durability of this vape, we, at Everyone Does It, believe this is a vape worth adding to your collection. 

How To Use XVAPE V-One +

1. How To Operate XVAPE V-One+

First, take off the mouthpiece so you can get a good look at the internal hardware and inner heating coil. Use your dab tool to put a moderate/ modest amount of your wax concentrate into the heating hardware area. Replace the mouthpiece. 

You will then click the power button five times in rapid succession to power your vaporizer on (this is the same procedure you will use to shut the device off as well). You will see the LED light flash 3 times to indicate the device is on and functioning properly. 

Now you can enjoy your vaporizer. Hold the power button down and inhale slowly from the mouthpiece. Enjoy!

In the event the device is low on power, the LED lights will blink in succession about 10 times before the entire device shuts off. This only occurs in situations where there is low power, so we recommend always shutting off your device after normal use.

2. How To Get Best Vapor Quality

Be mindful of your vape’s hygiene and buildup, and do cleanings as often as you can. This will prevent you from disappointing sessions and unappealing flavor. 

You will also want to give your vape plenty of “breaks” which is to say that you do not want to overdo it in the hotter temperatures. This will wear the device out and give you lower-quality sessions, so be mindful of your hits and how much heat you use. 

3. How To Clean/Maintain It

Once every few weeks, it is imperative that you clean your device to avoid detrimental buildup and wear and tear. To clean the heating coil, ensure the device is off first, then unscrew the V-One Plus heating coil from the product base.

You can use a dampened cotton swab to wipe down the coil, dampened with alcohol, or a bit of antibacterial soap and water mixture. The mouthpiece should be wiped down with isopropyl alcohol. You also have the option of submerging both in isopropyl alcohol.

Allow ample time for both parts to completely dry. Take a dry washcloth and wipe both down if you are in more of a hurry. 

Do not under any circumstances expose the battery to fluid. Make sure it is removed from the device and separated before engaging in the cleaning procedure. 

Top 5 XVAPE V-One+ Features 

Secret Compartment

Users will love the convenience of being able to carry an extra helping of their favorite wax and/or concentrate in the compartment at the vape’s base. 

Coil and Mouthpiece Compatibility

The coil is compatible with the ceramic donut atomizer from XMax. The fancy, tough borosilicate glass mouthpiece is compatible with the Pulsar Sirius Plus. 

Flavor and Scent

This vape has an optimal flavor and scent thanks to its more efficient delivery system and tech. You will rarely hear complaints about either. 

No Silicon or Plastic

All hardware is made with metal parts that do not take on burnt taste or smell, saving you the trouble of having to deal with unsightly aroma and taste as a result of silicone or plastic that you see in lesser vapes. 

Pass-Through Charging

Pass-through charging is always a treat so that you are never without a session as long as your charger is around. 

Is the XVAPE V-One+worth It? 

Considering that this vape is so easy to use and has a simple interface that could allow anyone to experience their first high-quality vaporizer without a hitch, we would say that the $45 price tag is more than a bargain.

Waxes and concentrates, while a long-established way to enjoy vape, tend not to be everyone’s first brush with herbs, so this is a great starter vaporizer for those who are less familiar with concentrates and want to get more of a feel and idea for what they could expect. 

What’s included:

  •  Battery
  •  Atomizer
  •  Donut Wax Coil
  •  Dab tool
  •  Micro USB Charger
  • User manual 

Technical Specifications:





Temperature range

662°F – 680°F

Charging time

6 hours before first use


1500 mAh


Height: 120mm, Diameter: 19mm

Heating system



6 months

5 Most Important Questions About XVAPE V-One+

Q1. Does This Pen Have a Synthetic Smell?

Luckily this pen is made with metal parts so you will not get that gross after-smell that tends to stick to plastic and silicon. 

Q2. Can I use the mouthpiece with the Pulsar Sirius Plus? 

Yes! These are fully compatible. 

Q3. What Kind of Cleaning Solution Should I Use?

Stick to isopropyl alcohol for any cleaning endeavors. 

Q4. Can The XVape V-One+ Go Hotter Than 680°?

It can just hold down the power button and it can go up to the 800° range. Do not overdo this feature, however! 

Q5. Is The Battery Removable? 

This battery is not removable. 

XVape V-One + Vaporizer

XVape V-One + Vaporizer