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Yocan Stealth Vaporizer


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Who Should Buy the Yocan Stealth?

The Yocan Stealth vaporizer is designed for those who like to stay under the radar when enjoying a session. It’s great for those who value rich flavor over dense clouds and prefer personal sessions instead of sharing with friends. The double atomizer and 510 threading allows users a great amount of versatility too, load the vaporizer with e-juice, wax, or a prefilled 510 threaded cartridge. Enjoy the switchblade style design that conceals the mouthpiece while not in use, slip the unit into any pocket or bag effortlessly and go about your day.

Why You’ll Love Yocan Stealth?

The Stealth vaporizer offers users versatility while still maintaining a super simple operation that anyone can quickly become familiar with. This device is made with just 3 preset voltage settings to choose from and a LED light around the power button to indicate these settings. The Stealth vape pen has an incredibly inconspicuous design that looks more like an external memory for a laptop when the mouthpiece is tucked into the body. Portable users will love its compact and durable design that can easily fit into the palm of your hand. 

How To Use Yocan Stealth?

The Yocan Stealth is super easy to use and quickly become familiar with. Every step you take towards that first inhale is made to be simple and quick so that you can get started within minutes. Using the Stealth vaporizer is as easy as flipping up the atomizer, loading up the appropriate atomizer, screwing it onto the device, and taking a hit. 

How to Operate the Yocan Stealth

To get started with concentrates, unscrew the top of the cartridge to reveal the coil, dab your wax onto the coil, then reattach the top. Attach this cartridge to the unfolded connector on the Stealth. 

For e-liquids, hold the e-liquid chamber and twist it counterclockwise. This will detach the atomizer chamber from the battery to create an easier load. Unscrew the top part of the e-liquid atomizer chamber to access the filling hole. Load your desired amount of juice onto the coil but do not overfill it or as this can cause leakage. 

From there, press the power button 5x’s to turn on the device and press it 3 times to select the voltage level. The settings you are navigating through will be indicated by the LED light around the power button. The lowest setting will flash blue, the medium will flash green, and the highest setting will flash red. Bring the device to your lips and inhale through the mouthpiece while holding down the power button. 

How To Get Best Vapor Quality

First things first for the best quality vapor, make sure that the Stealth vaporizer is fully charged before use. If you are a newer user that is unfamiliar with vaporizer settings, try sticking to the lower voltage settings for the most flavorful vapor. As you are inhaling from the device, make sure you are taking slow long draws to avoid burnt tasting vapor that can come from inhaling too strong and quickly. Finally, keep your device clean and well maintained to always ensure top-quality vapor.

How To Clean/Maintain It

The Yocan Stealth is one of the easiest vaporizers to keep clean and only takes a few minutes. Start by disconnecting the current atomizer, check both for damages, then wipe them down with a dry paper towel. You can also wipe the vaporizer’s body down with a dry paper towel. You’re now ready to go.

Top 5 Yocan Stealth Features 

1. Discreet Design 

The Yocan Stealth was designed to be discreet, standing at just 4 inches tall and featuring a spring-loaded flip-out rotating atomizer arm. When the atomizer arm is folded in, the design of the vaporizer is incredibly inconspicuous and looks more like an external memory for a laptop. Since the Stealth is so small and compact, Yocan includes a lanyard insert so that you won't lose it. The Yocan Stealth is available in a variety of colors including black, silver, blue and red. 

2. Two Atomizers

The Stealth features two atomizers that offer versatility to the user. One atomizer has a ceramic coil and is meant for e-juices while the other atomizer has a quartz coil meant for wax concentrates. 

3. Battery

This vaporizer is packed with an impressive 650mAh battery that takes just 2 hours to charge and will last about 100 hits. For the average user that takes small hits throughout the day, this means the Stealth will last about a day, maybe two.

4. Voltage Settings

There are just 3 voltage settings on the Stealth vape pen which allows for easy operation and a solid hit every time. Yocan does not clarify exactly what voltage each of these settings is, so they are described as low, medium, and high. These settings are indicated by the following color-coded LED light system:

  • Low = Blue
  • Medium = Green
  • Low = Red

5. 510 Threading 

The stealth vaporizer features 510 threading with a magnetic link, allowing for the device to be used with any 510 threaded cartridges that are under 9.8 in diameter. 

Is the Yocan Stealth worth It? 

The Yocan Stealth vaporizer is packed with many high-quality features like the double atomizers, the spring-loaded flip design, the coils made from ceramic and quartz has a durable build, and produces tasty vapor all at an incredibly affordable price. This vaporizer can easily compete with larger more expensive models that are currently on the market.

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What’s included:

  • 1x Yocan Stealth Box Mod
  • 1x Oil Atomizer
  • 1x Wax Atomizer
  • 1x DUB Tool
  • 1x Micro USB Cable
  • 1x User Manual

Technical Specifications:


Wax concentrates, oil

Voltage Settings


Charging time

2 hours

Battery length

100 draws


4 inches

Heating system




5 Most Important Questions About Yocan Stealth Vaporizer

Q1: Does the Stealth have an auto-shut-off feature?

The Stealth does not have a feature that automatically shuts off the battery. For safety, the stealth will not allow you to keep the device heated for longer than 10 consecutive seconds but you will manually need to shut off the entire device. 

Q2: What colors are the Yocan Stealth available in?

The Yocan Stealth is available in silver, black, blue, and red.

Q3: What type of charger does Stealth use?

The Yocan Stealth can be charged via provided USB. 

Q4: What material are the coils made from?

The e-juice atomizer uses a ceramic coil to preserve flavor, and the wax atomizer uses a quartz coil. 

Q5: How often do you need to clean the stealth?

The Stealth is not a high-maintenance device by any means. This vaporizer should only need to be properly cleaned about once a month depending on your frequency of use.

Yocan Stealth Vaporizer

Yocan Stealth Vaporizer