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Zeus Arc
Zeus Arc
Zeus Arc
Zeus Arc
Zeus Arc
Zeus Arc
Zeus Arc
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    Zeus Arc

    Zeus Arc

    What's in the box?

    • Zeus Arc Vaporizer
    • USB Cable
    • Packing Tool
    • Instruction Manual
    • Cleaning Materials
    • Glass Inserts


    The ZEUS ARC is a small, ultra-discreet, conduction-based dry herb vaporizer engineered in Germany, the home of vaporizers.

    Engineered with a surgical grade stainless steel chamber and vape path, the ZEUS ARC gives you refreshing, tasty vapor in the most discreet fashion possible.


    Firmware upgrade - Connect to a computer to avail of new updates.
    The latest update added 2 new temperatures.


    Using innovative heat sink technology together with a built-in isolated stainless steel vape path allows the ZEUS ARC to cool the vapor before it reaches your mouth.

    The ZEUS ARC stainless steel chamber heats the herb evenly, creating great AVB (already vaped bud).

    Cloud density was what you would expect from a conduction-based vaporizer but disappeared quickly afterward.

    Technical Specifications

    • Height: 3.4in / 12cm
    • Width: 1.65in / 4.2cm
    • Depth: 0.88in / 2.25cm
    • Weight: 4oz / 113g
    • Bowl Size: 0.50g
    • Temperature: 365° - 437°F / 185° - 225°C
    • Warranty: 3 Years

    Design Features

    The ZEUS ARC is expertly crafted from aircraft grade anodized aluminum and finished with a smooth, scratch-resistant black matte outer layer.

    A lightweight vaporizer, the ZEUS ARC shares similarities to the brilliant DAVINCI MICRO vaporizer.

    Discretion is certainly at the heart of this device with only a small LED temperature display on its body that is hidden by your hand.

    Extra Features

    Unique heat sink traps heat leading to cooler vapor

    Accelerometer cools down after 30 seconds of inactivity saving you herb and battery.

    Built-in stirring tool at the bottom of the device for stirring your herb during a session if required.

    Haptic feedback makes the device vibrate when ready.

    Battery Life & Heat Up Time

    Heat Up Time Battery Life Battery Charge Time
    60 seconds 90 minutes 3500 mAh 2 hours


    Temperature Settings

    3 preset temperatures but can be altered via firmware upgrades to change between 4 modes offering 5 different temperatures.

    Performance 205°F, 215°F, 225°F
    Default Temperatures
    Performance with Iceborn 205°F, 215°F, 225°F
    For use with water pipes - cool down and auto shut off disabled
    Flavor 185°F, 195°F, 205°F
    Lower temperatures for full flavor
    Balance 185°F, 205°F, 225°F
    Best of all worlds


    Fun Flavor Fact

    Different terpenes and phytocannabinoids from certain herbs activate at different temperatures and so the more temperatures you have, the more activation of compounds you will experience as compared to combustion.

    Flavor Chart 

    Arc Pros

    • More temperature settings
    • Discreet due to the smaller size
    • Motion sensor
    • Haptic feedback
    • Built-in accelerometer
    • Built-in multi-tool
    • Heat sink technology

    Arc Cons

    • Batteries not replaceable


    Zeus Arsenal has developed three unique, powerful, portable dry herb vaporizers that vape enthusiasts are going to love.

    Beginners will in particular love the simplicity of these devices with easy loading and one-button control.

    Vaping veterans of the world will go wild with the powerful potent performance with these products and aromatic flavors on offer from these terrific vaporizers.

    Choose The ZEUS ARC for the ultimate in discretion as well as performance.


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