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Vapman Handmade Swiss Vaporizer

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The Vapman Vaporizer is an unusual looking vaporizer compared to other vaporizers out there in the market today, but in its way its unique shape has taken over a lot of vapers in an unusual way. It has provided smokers an unusual way of smoking and has become quite a hit over the years. Swiss made, this is a piece of perfection.

It could take a new user time to get used to it, but once you do get used to it, it will be your everyday go to vaporizer. Simply designed but stunning, this vaporizer has the power to get you very high.

Some specifics of this vaporizer are –

  • Length 61mm
  • Width 41mm
  • Height 61mm
  • This vaporizer used a conduction and convection heating so you get the option for both on this vaporizer. This hand-crafted vaporizer is easy to operate once you get used to it. There are 2 parts, firstly you need to twist the mouthpiece to get it off and the second part is the handle piece.

    The outer shell in an egg like appearance is hard and does well to protect the Vapman from any damage anytime. It does not look to bad also and is a nice touch to a rather good vaporizer. To heat the piece a torch will be much more preferred to a lighter. Using the torch also gives a cleaner, faster burn.


  • Filter
  • Mouthpiece
  • Heating Pan
  • Handling Ring
  • Case
  • Instruction manual
  • To clean it simply use a swab dipped in alcohol every few weeks according, to your preference. This vaporizer will last you long as it does not have much moving parts. It should go for a long time if used properly. Lastly, this is a very good deal for a very good vaporizer, try it to see it!

    Additional Info

    Additional Info

    Brand Vapman
    Length 61mm
    Width 41mm
    Material Gold Plated, Wood
    Power Analogue / Flame / Lighter
    Compatibility Dry Herb
    Temperature Control Analogue
    Inhalation Method Direct
    Vaporization Method Conduction
    Logo Color Black
    Color Brown
    Display None
    Height 61mm
    Mouthpiece Acrylic
    Type Basic, Portable